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Surabayu Stew,

>>Just try going without it for a while and see if your feeling don’t change. What is the point of having the best health care in the world if you can’t afford it?<<

I guess that you have never been to a metropolitan Emergency Room.

Take this challenge, go to any metropolitan or inner city hospital Emergency room and ask any of the nurses that work there if their clientèle have health insurance. Then ask them what kinds of routine diagnostic tests are performed that anyone with health insurance has to get prior approval for or they may not get approval for, i.e., CAT scans, MRIs, other HIGH cost diagnostic tests.

My wife is an emergency room/ trauma nurse at a level 1 trauma center in an inner-city setting. The vast majority patients come into the emergency room with chest pains when they want a place to stay for eight hours and get food and a warm bed all for the inconvenience of having a CAT scan, numerous blood tests and other diagnostics that are VERY expensive and they don't have a lick of health insurance. There are regulars that come in EVERY day with a variety of complaints, but they aren't turned away and they are treated.

I have had the occasion to be without health insurance for a number of months and sometimes it was a choice of food or a visit to the doctor and then filling a prescription. In almost every instance, I told the doctor the situation and the doctor was willing to help by either reducing the fee or allowing me to pay it over time and the doctor provided drug samples for the medication. I for one don't think the federal government can run anything efficiently, they can't even run their own organizations.

Comment Posted By DaleB On 20.06.2008 @ 08:35


I would like to point out that this country is about to spend BILLIONS on 'climate change' because even if there is any chance at all the mankind is causing 'climate change', we have to do something.

I contend that if there is any possibility at all that Iran will use nuclear weapons against the US, than we have to do something to protect the citizens against attack. The problem with negotiating with an avowed enemy is you never really know when he is lying until you get your ass shot off.

Comment Posted By DaleB On 11.05.2008 @ 20:26



Excellent commentary, as it rightfully exposes the depth of how far some of us will go to make another buck, get recognition or 15 minutes of fame. I have a difficult time believing that a 15 year old, in these times, didn't have any idea what she was doing. Unless this girl has been under a rock or has not attended a government school, she is sophisticated enough to know posing in a sheet would be titillating, at the very least, to a lot of viewers of the "artistic" pictures.

Keep 'em coming.

Comment Posted By DaleB On 1.05.2008 @ 08:36



Obama is in a tough spot. The country is in a tough spot. I think that the only this we need to remember, and especially the south, is that Hillary Clinton is a carpet-bagger.

Have a good day.

Comment Posted By DaleB On 14.03.2008 @ 08:20



I meant to end with the following:

The only thing that is going to fix it is to get the federal experimenting out of public education.

Thank you.

Comment Posted By DaleB On 27.02.2008 @ 09:41


One of my daughters teaches middle school, 7th and 8th grades, math. Currently she is preparing the students to take the first of several statewide tests to determine these children's futures and to determine if my daughter has complied with the "No Child Left Behind" crap from Washington. If a certain percentage of the children fail to achieve a certain score, she gets a failing score on her evaluation and will affect her ability to be re-hired next year. She has been tutoring the math classes for about 3 weeks and has another 2 weeks before the test. She comes home almost every night and expresses her frustration with the kids in the 'top class' being held back and the kids in the 'slow group' telling her that they don't have to do any better because they are in the 'slow group'.

I think there is either going to be a national epiphany regarding federal interference in the education system or we are going to have a nation of uneducated adults that can't make any informed decisions and the country of the United States of America will disappear into the dregs of forgotten history.

I was born a few years before you and we were taught to read using phonics. Today if you want to learn to read using phonics you have to buy it because the public school system doesn't us it. People don't read because they haven't been made to read or encouraged to read. They have been coddled and told that its not their lack of work or effort that is the reason they are failing, its someone else's fault they are playing video games or watching TV or out stealing cars for fun.

Politicians have only one thing in mind, gaining power and staying in power. We, who put them in office, are to blame for what we get. No amount of feel good legislation is going to fix the problems in our so called education system. The only thing that is going to fix it is to get the federal experimenting in public education.

Have a good day.

Comment Posted By DaleB On 27.02.2008 @ 09:36


To #2 and #3,

You cannot tell me, and the rest of the patrons of the board, that in the last 35 years there hasn't been ONE(1) thing that the USA has done to be proud of?

Shame on you for not leaving, if you couldn't find one thing to be proud to be an American over the past 35 years. You either directly help put these "assholes" in office or you helped facilitate their existence. If you were proud enough to help elect/facilitate by voting for them or their policies, then I find it somewhat disingenuous for you to profess you couldn't find something to be proud of.

I am 60 years old, my father was in WWII, I served in Vietnam at the behest of LBJ, although I have seen a lot things this country has done to be ashamed of, I have also seen a lot of things this country, and its elected officials, have done to be very proud of.

I think if someone can't find anything for which they can be proud of their country, in 35 years, they haven't looked deep enough, they don't want to find anything or they have an anti-American agenda.

Good luck to you guys in the rest of your pitifully empty lives, you are looking in the wrong places.

Comment Posted By DaleB On 21.02.2008 @ 08:47



I agree the republicans blew it. They were elected to shrink the size and scope of the Central Committee and they didn't do it. They acted just like their 'brither' across the aisle. The 2006 election was a repudiation of their lack of courage and will. I think if McCain is the nominee there will be another, more substantial, message of discontent to the Republican Party.


Comment Posted By DaleB On 5.02.2008 @ 09:33



I would like to add this small tidbit of information for all to consider.

McCain '08==Dole '96

Comment Posted By DaleB On 31.01.2008 @ 09:11


Billy Ray,

I think you have forgotten some of your history, or maybe you are too you to have been taught American political history.

It was the democrats that gave Americans social security/medicare/ssi and the Great Society to end poverty. How many TRILLIONS of dollars have we spent and still we have poverty.

Oh yes, and while we are at it, which political group is soooo concerned about tolerance that they have created speech codes on campuses across this country?

Also why is it that when a conservative did something in the distant past that he/she gets toasted by the MSM and the is vilified as thought it happened yesterday, while the same thing will never happen to a liberal. We just need to 'move on' because that's history and they are different now. How convenient for us that its OK for Robert Byrd can get past his association with the 'klan', but George Allen get ambushed for something that may or may not have occurred decades ago.

Yes there are a lot of problems in this country and there is plenty of blame to go around for everyone. The biggest problem we have in this country lies in the fact that the foundations of this great nation are not being taught in the government schools. If people were exposed to the founding fathers and the reasons they acted as they did, we could all be better off.

You have tried to make this a finger-pointing exercise to justify your lack of history and a poor example at that.

Comment Posted By DaleB On 23.01.2008 @ 10:01

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