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I thought it was a great, lively exchange. What kept me listening to Hugh when I started, iffily, years ago, was his no-nonsense, to-the-point, polite yet bare-knuckles style of interviewing. I thought everything he asked or said to your brother was well-aimed and well-said.

Having said that, I also am enormously impressed with your brother for going on and doing the toe to toe talk with Hugh in front of everyone. Most MSMers hide behind the wall they reserve for themselves, but deny to everyone else. He stood right out there and gave as good as he got. I most disagreed with his offhand dismissal of the Kerry story, and agreed with other statements. But above all I was impressed with him for coming right out there, no preparation, stepping into the arena.

Very classy. No wonder you're proud of him -- whatever his ideological nuttinesses!


Comment Posted By Dan Phillips On 19.05.2005 @ 07:17

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