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Rely on bloggers to stray from the point and allow others to distract from an discussion by extension.
The issue at Qana is this, did the bodies shown to the world by the media die in that building? With the repetition of the assertion that the bodies came from the basement, it becomes all the more more suspicious that none of these bodies showed any sign of injury or blood. Bodies pulled from under tons of debris are usually not in a condition for display.
As for irrelevant departures; why the building was hit, the motives of those that hit it, where the men were, when did the building collapse, who is the guy in the green helmet, is Bush a Nazi, was there a gun on the roof, is the Vice President of America really a demon from hell, etc, - all of these are interesting topics for discussion, I just wish people would stick to the important question for now. How, when, and where, did the bodies displayed for the media from the collapsed building in Qana meet their fate? When this has been established, maybe some of the preceding questions will still be interesting. Or maybe not.

Comment Posted By Dan Roll On 2.08.2006 @ 07:27

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