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Shawn, people like you have been calling us morons for years. But we shut you up because Presdient Bush won twice.

You know where you can put your hate.

Comment Posted By Darryl Smith On 14.01.2007 @ 07:15

This Jonathan charecter sounds like the kind of surrender monkey that is making Presdient Bush's job of protecting America from terrorism all the harder.

The incredible strength and fortitude our God Blessed President is showing in the face of so much puling and saniveling from the terorist fifth column at loose here in the bastion of freedom is inspiring.

Comment Posted By Darryl Smith On 13.01.2007 @ 11:14

The CIA wrong on an iranian nuclear weapons program? C'mon, that's like saying they were wrong about Iraqi WMD.

Get past that thinking. It is pro-terrorist.

Comment Posted By Darryl Smith On 13.01.2007 @ 05:40

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