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Great Aritcle & Post!

I would like to throw the main question asked here right back at you though--but from the opposite point of view and one that reflects the Frustrations voiced by many who are looking at Justification for RE-ELECTING up coming seats in 06':

You ask, " WHO would have to POWER to use and the power to LEVERAGE others silence any probe into ; Sandy Berger , the distruction/removalof documents and/or the PLANTING of possibly NEW ( made-up) documents NOT there before?"

"I" ask, " WHO on the other side of the isle, ( Republicans ) or others outside the whole LOOP -with maybe not even directly related interests -has the
" Power " or ear of thoses , or Leverage of those ( blackmail?)who COULD re-open an investigation into Berger-Gate and has used their means on the Republicans end to if not STOP--to help mentor/push for the closure and end of all debate/discussion/or even future PROMIS to look further into THIS equally Crimnally Situation and act!?"

I can think of no better place than Washington D.C. these days ( shamefully!) where the term C.Y.A. and " Play the Game " has not only been included in this years updated edition of Websters'! But seems to be incorporated in POLITICIANS registered as " Republicans " where they themselves have not only shown THEIR lack of Support for our Elected Commander & Chief--but as gone so far as to invent/re-invent other issues for the sole purpose of Red-Herringly pushing " Berger-gate ",
" 9//1 Commison-Gorlick-Gate " , " Able-Danger-gate " and " NY Times-Leak-Gate " totally out of the picture.

It is easily enough to be able to spot those with Anarchist, Anti-American agendas in the streets with their Moving-On PROFESSIONALLY-MASS PRODUCED signs that read," Bush's War for OIL!" or
" Whole war concocted in Teaxas " ( or MY favorite idiocy," END the DRAFT!"-YES! they STILL are handed without questioning it and walk around with THOSE still on campuses!)

But when you can not tell WHO in the Seante and Congress is really NOT on the American people's side even though they are REGISTERED republicans/Conservatives--it makes for a big mess on deciding just who IS on " our Side " and does the Big Bad Wolf ALWAYS wear a Fur custom/Big, bad teeth?? or are they also wearing little Red Riding-capes as well??

I praise President Bush for not falling into that trap of " jumping through hoops " of responding to all that the dems and Libbies through out to the press--But that doesn't leave our other elected officials off the hook for NOT responding to the false charges, accusations-and taking action THEMSELVES to go after the Lefts Traitorous-Pro-Terrorist stances--leaks that only help our enemies-and showing SUPPORT for our President in the face of being attacked themsleves by the big-gun dems and liberal controled Media.

"WE" all want Able danger to come out!
"WE" all want Gorelick to be called before anSpecial investigation!
"WE" all want an investigation into the NY TIMES!

If President Bush can't do it for his own reasons--who is stopping this on our end who should be exposed too!-like the Professional politicians they have turned into!

There's only one of you--there's only one of Rush Limbaugh-Mark Levin-NewsMax-Ect.

There ARE Republican SENATORS and in CONGRESS--WHO is NOT carrying their fair share of the weight! let's find out and hold them to the fire!!

Darth AirBorne

STILL ashamed that the GOP has written off NEW YORK STATE the cowards they are!

Comment Posted By Darth Airborne On 4.01.2006 @ 10:45

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