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re: the Kennedy thing; if you've visited the site (it's in Dallas, I live not far away in Austin), you'll see that the sixth floor of the book depository is up and behind the president's car at the time of the shooting. One bullet may have come from there, but there's *No Doubt* - really, by anyone, even non-conspiracy theorists - that the bullet that killed Kennedy came from in front of him and the car . . what sometimes is called the Grassy Knoll but really is just a bridge overpass. Anyway, if you see the Zapruder film, or any film, you see that the back of Kennedy's head is knocked off, and a piece of his brain flies out onto the trunk, and Jackie reaches back and grabs it (you can see this on the Discovery or History Channel regularly). There's no way that bullet came from the book depository, where they say Oswald was.

So, there may not have been a huge conspiracy that involved Cuba or the Mafia or Lyndon Johnson, but there definitely was a bullet that hit Kennedy that wasn't fired from the book depository. It's on any film.

Comment Posted By Dave Dix On 22.04.2006 @ 13:48

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