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Face it--the kooky righties will dance and backpedal until you finally interview all 600,000 dead people. I've stopped wasting my breath on the dead-enders who still support this bloody quagmire and this failed president. They are so out of touch with reality that it's like trying to convince a psychotic that their delusions aren't real. Come to think of it, it's EXACTLY like that.

Comment Posted By Deadeye Dick Cheney On 12.10.2006 @ 15:20

I believe it. It's not enough to say, "Those numbers don't sound right." The way that you refute what someone says is with facts, not your opinion. Furthermore, people who don't understand statistics shouldn't comment on statistics. If you don't know what a confidence interval is, don't convince the world that you are an idiot by expounding on how little you understand of it.

Comment Posted By Deadeye Dick Cheney On 12.10.2006 @ 15:15

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