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John Cole has really surprised me in recent years. Although his style was always flamboyant and over-the-top, so I guess it shouldn't surprise that when he went to the hard-hate-Republican left, he'd jump with both feet and swing wildly at anyone who ever disagreed with him. It's kinda too bad, he's really a nice guy when he wants to be.

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Yes, for good or ill we some time ago entered an era where couples commonly use porn to excite each other, and wherein women use the stuff almost as much as men. Women are also highly involved in making the stuff--not just appearing in it, but writing it, directing it, producing it, etc.

It's hard to know what to say about this; for me, what's most obvious is that the people making it are likely more damaged, psychologically and spiritually, than the married couple who simply use it to spice things up between them in the privacy of their own bedroom.

Personally, little of it sits comfortably with me, although I admit to finding erotic drawings less uncomfortable than films with live actors. Maybe that's TMI, I'm just saying: while making porn is probably a lifestyle some enjoy, I think it's pretty obvious most don't in the long run and that it's destructive to them. There should be some guilt associated with that if nothing else.

Comment Posted By Dean Esmay On 29.08.2009 @ 13:59


Uhm, I'm not a "proud dry drunk" (not dry, not drunk at the moment, and not proud of it either way), didn't grow up in a union household, have said nasty things about Republicans and lots of good things about Democrats, and my views of HIV & AIDS may well be wrong but, as they are shared by fully-credentialed scientists with numerous peer-reviewed publications to their name (including at least one Nobel Laureate), as well as physicians and HIV+ people I have spoken to, calling them "crackpot" only shows the ignorance of the person making the assertion.

I'll leave the bits about feminism and capitalism where they're at I suppose.

I was pleased to see "Tacitus Not" also reveal his own seething hatred of black and asian women in his general assault on me. It pretty much confirms what I've always suspected about Mithras, Atrios, Kos, and their fans.

Comment Posted By Dean Esmay On 8.08.2005 @ 09:32


Can you explain in a straightforward way why, as you say, the left, aided by the liberal media, want to undermine the war effort?

The "left," generically speaking, either opposed the war effort from the beginning, or turned against it the moment it looked like bad things were happening (due to their general ignorance of military matters).

The media has an overrepresentation of such people in it. Add this in with the institutional anti-military, anti-government cynicism that's pervaded the press since the Watergate days, the "if it bleeds it leads" profit motive, and the fact that so many people on the left conflate "supporting the war effort" with "supporting the Bush administration" and you've got the perfect recipe for what we have now: a shallow, cynical, negative, stupid, and reflexively anti-American press corps.

It's not hard to explain at all. Nor is it unfixable--but you can't fix something that you won't admit is broken.

Comment Posted By Dean Esmay On 27.05.2005 @ 00:23


Uhm... Jarvis is pretty much a lifelong Democrat and an old-school moderate lefty. He even voted for Kerry.

Just so you know.

Comment Posted By Dean Esmay On 29.03.2005 @ 15:09

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