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My son, C., was borned severely disabled. When he passed away at 26 years old in 1997, he looked like he was 12 years old. His body was about that size and his face looked about that age. He was deaf, and mentally, he was like a three or four-year-old. He could walk but he could not talk. He was able to learn a few sign-language signs. But I do have to say he was a joy. He had a sharp sense of humor! I loved him so much. He was my only child.

Some additional information for you:
I met a foster mom in the 80's who had a foster son who was six-years-old. He looked for-all-the-world as if he was one-year-old. He could crawl but he could not walk. He had been taken away from his biological mother.

Comment Posted By Deedee Brown On 25.10.2005 @ 01:30

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