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"17Jeff M. Said:
8:51 pm


Let’s not lose sight of the facts:

1) Georgia started the war.


No, Georgia did not start the war. You are simply repeating the lies used by the Russians as false propaganda. The Russians and Soviets have trotted out this same old tired lie before each and every one of its previous invasions of its neighbors.

Georgia counterattacked the illegally possessed 122mm heavy artillery batteries very recently supplied by the Russians for the purpose, because the illegal heavy artillery was systematically demolishing Georgian villages and communities one by one to deliberately provoke a response from Georgia. The only practical way to stop the 122mm artillery bombardments that was destroying the Georgian civilian communities was by a ground attack. Georgia did not advance into Tschkinvali to silence the heavy artillery batteries until August 8th. The Russian 58th Army was already passing an invading column of about 150 armored and other vehicles across the border through the Roki Tunnel the night of August 7th and the morning of August 8th.

Comment Posted By Delta Whiskey Papa On 22.08.2008 @ 11:41

Heads up! Russia is redeploying its forces in preparation for its next offensive operations against Georgia. Desultory Russian efforts have already been made to incite and provoke another lethal confrontation and incident with Georgia's military and police forces, without success so far.

Russian armored colums are now in movement down the road towards the border with Turkey, effectively cutting off a line of communications between Georgia and Turkey. Once the right flank of the Russian forces have blocked communications across the Turkish border, the Russian 76th Guards Airborne Division has reached their assigned assembly areas after resupplying, and the Russian 19th Motorized Rifle Regiment has completed the displacement of its ammunition supply points to the assembly areas within 35km of Tbilisi; the next phase of the campaign will be ready to commence in the next 24 to 72 hours, if approved.

Approval for the next offensive awaits developments at the NATO conference on Tuesday, 18 August 2008. In anticipation that NATO must act to "punish" Russia's invasion of Georgia, Russia plans to conduct a "punishing" lethal attack upon Georgian police and/or military units in the area along the road to Tbilisi. Russia will then claim the need to punish the "criminal" violators of the ceasefire who took the lives of Russian soldiers and use the manufactured incident as an excuse to resume the offensive to capture and occupy the remainder of Georgia.

The new offensive operations will aim to bring the Vasiani military headquarters, military base, and airbase under heavy air and missile bombardment. A column of Russian heavy armored forces will aim to breakthrough the Georgian mainline of resistance across the main road to Tbilisi under the cover of air attacks using precision guided weapons to deny Georgian forces the ability to maneuver. Elements of the VDV will flank the main spearhead of the Russin attack to the north, threatening Georgian forces with encirclement from the north side of Tbilisi. A brigade size VDV force equipped with armor will then establish an airhead southeast of Vasiani to block the line of communications from Tbilisi and Vasiani to the border of Azerbaijan. They will then maneuver to fix Georgian defenses in Tbilisi and link to other Russian forces maneuvering to encircle Tbilisi and establish a line of communications between the airhead and the main body of Russian forces coming down the road from Gori.

The Russian objective is to occupy Georgia and change its government, while also demonstrating to the other former Soviet Rupublics that NATO cannot and will not defend their independence from Russia. If, however, NATO proves to be too inconveniently uncooperative and reactionary on Tuesday, the offensive operation may be postponed to see if diplomatic efforts can chill EU cooperation long enough for the offensive to resume. If the diplomatic efforts fail to gain enough EU hesitancy to hinder a NATO deployment in the next week to 10 days, the decision will have to be made under the then current NATO order of battle whether to proceed with the offensive or begin a stubborn and repeatedly delayed withdrawal to Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Comment Posted By Delta Whiskey Papa On 18.08.2008 @ 17:24


45Mike O'Malley Said:
6:46 pm

"This issue is MEANINGLESS to North America and the USA and our citzenry. Totally and utterly meaningless."

"Sure, we backed Georgia and their leader screwed us by attacking first, but really this is of little importance. We have much bigger issues to focus on as a nation."

Anyone who believes the issue of Liberty for our friends and allies around the world is "MEANINGLESS to North America and the USA" has failed to earn and maintain the right of liberty and freedom for themselves. All other issues of major concern are always dependent upon the prior existence and maintenance of peace, liberty, and freedom.

Let's put to rest once and for all this monstrous lie which claims "Georgia and their leader screwed us by attacking first."

The South Ossetian armed forces, who Russia claims as their own citizens, and the Russian armed forces attacked Georgia first. In fact, advance units of the Russian 58th Army had already begun covert operatiosn with the South Ossetian forces and killed Georgian civilians before Georgia's advance into South Ossetia, Georgia's secessionist district. Georgia reported the impending Russian invasion preparatons more than a week before it began, and Georgia appealed for help as the early covert Russian invasion operatiosn began days before the Georgian counteroffensive sent Georgian force into Sotuh Ossetia.

Georgia responded to the invasion of the 58th Russian Army by advancing into South Ossetia for at least two reasons.

First, it was well known that the South Ossetia seperatists would use the cover of the Russian invasion and consequent fog of war to "liquidate" or perform and "ethnic cleansing" of the remaining Georgian communities in South Ossetia. The South Ossetians have made no secret of their intentions to eliminate the Georgian communities in South Ossetia. The Georgian forces hoped to shield the Georgian communities from ethnic cleansing by the South Ossetians long enough to either gain protection from the international community or long enough for at least some of them to evacuate out of South Ossetia.

Secondly, the only place a small force like Georgia's could hope to temporarily block a major Russian ground invasion across the Caucasus Mountains and into the central plains of Georgia was the road junction for the only major road leading across those mountains to Russia. This road junction was in South Ossetia, so Georgia's only hope of delaying the Russian invasion forces was to move into South Ossetia to the junction of the road networks at Tskhinvali.

The Russian invason planners knew the Georgians would be forced to either stay south of the South Ossetian border, where its smaller forces would be quickly flanked, surrounded, and captured by the Russian 58th Army before they could withdraw behind the protections afforded by the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, or the Georgians would have to advance into South Ossetia to block the road exits from the Northern Caucasus Mountains. If the Russian invasion could be delayed long enough at Tskhinvali, Georgia stood some chance of denying the Russian invaders an opportunity to flank, surround, and capture the bulk of the Georgian army in the valley and plains around Gori before it could withdraw to stronger defensive positions in the Lesser Caucasus Mountains in defense of Tbilisi. The Russian invasion planners used this knowledge to plan their media propaganda campaign and diplomatic campaign for discrediting any Georgian defensive responses to the Russian invasion.

Russia's current propaganda is the same propaganda technique used by the Soviet Union/Russia for the invasions of Czechoslovakia 1968, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland.

So, please stop disseminating the lies which further victimize Georgia for attempting to defend itself against this premeditated and pre-planned invasion and despoilation of Georgia by Russia. Remember, the Russian 58th Army were able to arrive in major force at Tskhinvali within one day of the arrival of Georgian forces only because they had already massed in assembly areas along the border and crossed the Georgian border before the first Georgian soldier could cross into South Ossetia on the road to Tskhinvali. The Russians invaded first, and the Georgian advance into South Ossetia was a necessary and vital defensive response to that Russian invasion of Georgia.

Comment Posted By Delta Whiskey Papa On 13.08.2008 @ 22:21

"All we can do is pick up the pieces after this is over. The only sure thing is that Moscow will be in a much stronger position and we, a much weaker one."

All it would take to block the Russian attainment of its ultimate goals in Georgia is for the foreign ministries of the world to promptly demonstrate some courage and put their own into harm's way. Each state should immediately send a deputy foreign minister and appropriate diplomatic staff to Tbilisi in preparation for an emergency international diplomatic peace conference to be attended by their foreign ministrs and the overnement of Georgia. A very small international peacekeeping contingent with representatives from many nations can then secure the venue for the international diplomatic conference. The peacekeepers may then be subsequently expanded from the airport in Tbilisi to increasingly relieve Russian forces of the responsibility for maintaining peace in the other areas beyond the immdeiate vicinity of Tbilisi, until normal order has been restored.

If Russia fails to respect the inviobility of the international peacekeeping efforts and international tripwire at Tbilisi, there will then be other measures which may be and should be pursued....

Comment Posted By Delta Whiskey Papa On 11.08.2008 @ 23:14

15Nikolay Said:
2:05 pm
"You mean he wants McCain to be a president? I don’t see his adventure helping Obama in any way."

That's right, you don't see. You don't see what you don't want to see. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have past and present associations with organizations and individuals whose funding were and are traceable all the way back to the former Soviet Union and present day beneficiaries of Russian governemental and political monies.

Comment Posted By Delta Whiskey Papa On 11.08.2008 @ 16:00

9gregdn Said:
12:28 pm

"Imagine if the Warsaw pact still existed, and imagine further that they invited Mexico to join. We’d blow a gasket, and you know it. Russia’s need of a ‘sphere of influence’ is no less vital than ours."

We don't have to imagine it. It has already occurred, and the United States did not blow a gasket.

Imperial Germany tried to lease Magdalena Bay in Baja California from Mexico to use as a German naval base against the United States in an proposed German invasion. Germany sent agents into the American Southwest, where they conducted military mapping in places like Arizona and New Mexico. A U.S. Army cavalry patrol found an abandoned Telefunken radio set on the rim of a canyon left behind by one of these agents.

Germany promised to supply Mexico with arms, ammunition, and military advisors; if Mexico would agree to declare war upon the United States to keep U.S troops out of WWI in Europe. Germany promised to support Mexico's annexation of the re-conquered American territories. After the failure of the Plan de San Francisco plan for genocide and the public embarassment of the Zimmerman Telegram, the Mexican governement declined Germany's offer and accepted one from Japan instead.

The U.S. Governement learned about the secret agreement between Mexico and Japan when Kaiser Wilhelm in revenge informed the U.S. Ambassador about it and the Japanese lease of Magdalena Bay for use as a Japanese naval base and coaling station. When the U.S. Ambassador rushed back from Germany to Washington D.C. to inform the President in confidence, the President ordered the U.S. Navy to immediately establish a destroyer naval station at San Diego. This was the beginning of the U.S. Navy's extensive naval basing at San Diego.

In 1916, U.S. Army conducted secret patrols along the U.S. border with Mexico to intercept Japanese Army reconnaisance patrols reported by Apache observers to be operating long distances across the border into U.S. territory. It is reported that one of these patrols succeeded in finding an invading Japanese patrol, but the Japanese refused to surrender and fought to the death in an engagement with the U.S. Cavalry patrol.

In the days before the Japanese naval attack upon Pearl Harbor, the famous film director John Ford and his wife took their yacht to Magdalena Bay, where they observed and reported the Japanese naval and commercial activities to the U.S. Naval intelligence operations. Magdalena Bay is still leased by the governement of Japan to this day, and the Government of Mexico still cites Japan's controlling lease as justification for being unable to exercise sovereign authority to abate water pollution at Magdalena bay as demanded by United Nations authorities.

Comment Posted By Delta Whiskey Papa On 11.08.2008 @ 14:54

"Did Saakashvili believe that by provoking Russia in South Ossetia that NATO would come to his aid and solve his reunification problems for him? At the very least, he miscalculated Putin’s overwhelming response."

Saakashvili did not provoke Russia, because Saakashvili already had reason to expect the Russian invasion of Georgia no matter what Georgia did or did not do. The Georgian army's advance into South Ossetia was made for the purpose of setting up a temporary defensive blocking position in the foothills of the mountains where the Russian 58th Army could not so easily and quickly maneuver where there were no raods and flank the Georgian positions. This bought the Georgian army a couple of extra days of delay before the the Russian blitzkrieg reached the open plains and advanced around the falnks of the Georgian defenses towards Gori and Tblisi.

Russia rehearsed this invasion in February 2006 with the massing of the 58th Army on Georgia's border and a number of provocative attacks with their Ossetian surrogates. This time, however, the 58th Army deployed its mortuary unit to the pre-invasion assembly area and fully supplied the advance ammunition supply points. Russian authorities also evacuated the children of South Ossetia to Russia during the wekk prior to the Russian invasion under the pretext of summer camps for the children. These preparations like many others indicated the 58th Army was being deployed for combat with Georgia as early as late July.

The Russian invasion of Georgia was meticulously rehearsed in prior years, heavily supplied at forward supply dumps along the border in the past few weeks, supported by a Black Sea Fleet prepared for the operation in recent months, and executed to coincide with the Olympics in China. In addition to deposing the elected governement of Georgia, Putin seeks to influence the presidential election in the United States, and intimidate other governments from Europe through Asia.

Comment Posted By Delta Whiskey Papa On 11.08.2008 @ 13:34

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