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Fascinating article. I am an ex-Republican. I voted for Reagan twice and once for George Bush (in 2000). Like you, I am fiscally conservative, and -- dare I say it here -- socially a libertarian. The 2009 "tea party" crowd leading the GOP around by the nose makes me sick. Their strict orthodoxy and bizarre social conservative views have driven millions just like me from the party. Everything I used to despise in the Southern Democrats is now embodied by Sarah Palin and the Southern-fried hyper nationalist, big spending social conservatives taking over the Republicans. In my state (Illinois) a perfectly respectable senatorial candidate (Mark Kirk) is in danger from the carpetbagging right wing crazies, who will only ensure another Democrat is elected Senator. We like our statewide Republicans to be moderate here, and the Illinois party is being ruined by them, one election at a time.

Comment Posted By Demosthenes On 3.11.2009 @ 15:19


Mr. Moran:

You must be a debater! You just scored a point. Nevertheless, you make a wrong assumption that I instantly discount Fox News on political stories. I stated I do not trust them, not that I have a default rule that Fox News is automatically wrong on political stories. Because I do not trust Fox News, I try to independently verify the story from other news sources (such as the Chicago Tribune, the Economist, the New York Times -- two of these sources are conservative and one is liberal) if, for some reason, it seems facially not to be credible. It sounds like you have a similar philosophy.

In terms of intellectual honesty, I hope I possess it, as I'm certain you strive to live by it as well. I would add that many folks on the left (and the right) try to be intellectually honest, but like all fallible humans, sometimes fail. Have a nice weekend.

Comment Posted By Demosthenes On 26.10.2007 @ 16:35

Mr. Moran:

I'm a "centrist", and most folks I know in the center view Fox News with scepticism. On stuff like weather, sports, entertainment stuff, natural disasters, etc. very few people would dispute that Fox News tries to be objective. On political news, no one (outside of the really ideologically blinkered) would contest that Fox News is totally in the tank with the Republican Party, and is not to be trusted for objective news.

Comment Posted By Demosthenes On 26.10.2007 @ 15:50

Pretty amazing. For six years we have utterly botched catching Osama Bin Laden. Instead of criticizing this utter failure, you shoot the messenger who had the intellectual honesty (on Bush Administration-friendly Fox News, of all places) to note the most recent failure to kill him. I can only imagine your howls of fury if we had President Kerry. You have no shame.

Comment Posted By Demosthenes On 26.10.2007 @ 09:20


"Bin Laden is the least of our worries right now. "

Man, how far the GOoPers come from "Wanted Dead or Alive", eh?

Americans would have to be completely out of their friggin minds if they expect GOP leadership to keep us safe from terrorism (or energy crises, or global warming, or health care problems, or pretty much anything....)

Comment Posted By Demosthenes On 7.09.2006 @ 12:49

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