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Wow Rick,

You must really hate the Red Wings.

"In the northeast it is much better with civic pride in the Bruins, Sabers, and perhaps the Flyers allowing hockey to rise to a step above being considered as a “minor sport.” And, of course, the game in Canada is still followed as a religion."

No mention of the Wings, the model franchise of the league, and home to THE most rabid hockey fans in the USA.

"They competed against the hated Montreal Canadians who featured equally legendary players like Guy LaFluer and Scott Lamaire as well as the Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, and Toronto Maple Leafs."

How about the production line featuring Mr. Hockey Gordie Howe, who though past his prime was still the best, and Alex Delvecchio and Frank Mahovlich? We just get an as well as the Detroit Red Wings? I know we have dominated this once proud rivalry of late, (we completely own the Hawks this season)But, as the young folks say, don't hate, appreciate.

Comment Posted By Digital Publius On 2.01.2009 @ 09:59


An inspirational farewell, Good fortune Rick.

Comment Posted By Digital Publius On 2.01.2009 @ 10:08

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