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Coulter is among the lowest of the right wing lowlifes and I generally try to ignore her. However, I was reminded of her recently when I saw a picture in the paper of a woman in handcuffs in court for stabbing a relative to death who refused to pass over money for the accused woman’s drug habit. There was the accused, looking like a Coulter clone, same scrawny figure, stringy dyed blond hair, hollow eyes and sunken cheeks. Obviously a mental case brought on by a drug habit, but her appearance reminded me of the typical incoherent Coulter rants on TV that are very much like the ones you see on the COPS program when a meth user is being arrested. Then a light bulb went off.
Has Coulter been tested for drugs? Or is she a Limbaugh clone where illicit drug use is okay for him (or her) but not for anyone else? But then I thought, meth wouldn’t be totally responsible for such out-of-control rants and perhaps there is another reason. Then a new thought came to me, an infection by Treponema pallidum could be the responsible agent.
After all, it is well known that third stage syphilis leads to mental deterioration, sexual impotence and loss of balance. At this stage there is no cure and the only salvation might be elimination from the gene pool. Perhaps there is a dead eye Dick Cheney lurking around somewhere with a shotgun loaded with something a little stronger than birdshot and that he is closer than he was to his friend Harry and that he has better aim. I don’t want Coulter to be religious martyr like the suicide bombers of Iraq but rearranging her smarmy face would be a welcome improvement.

Comment Posted By DoggyDaddy On 11.06.2006 @ 16:41

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