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I just discovered your website with this article, and I must say I'm looking forward to reading more. You have put a rational, well-researched voice to feelings I have had for several years regarding GWB. I voted for him twice and would do so a third time if I could, if for no other reason than his policies regarding Iraq and the Mideast. His critics just don't realize that in undertaking the Iraq war he has chosen the path of least bloodshed and violence in the necessary undertaking of turning the Mideast democratic. He understand the big picture, that terrorism, if fought only on the military front, will cost us millions of lives over the years, but if democracy is installed in the Mideast it will catch like wildfire and sweep the region. With democracy comes prosperity, and with prosperity comes an unwillingness to tolerate murderous extremism. I believe that most Muslims are no different than us: they want happy, propserous, safe lives. They can turn a blind eye to terrorism now because they have no hope of prosperity, but once they see that it is possible, they will never turn away again. GWB not only sees this, he has the moral strength to see it through although he is the most vilified president in my lifetime. I often wonder how he must feel day after day facing such hatred; a lesser man would have given up long ago. I disagree with him on plenty of things, but on foreign policy, the American economy, and our national security, he is every bit a great leader, and worthy of the respect of the entire world. I believe that in years to come he will be known as the man who brought Mideast terrorism to an end, as much as President Reagan is known as the man who brought down Communism. Thanks for such great thinking and writing!

Comment Posted By Don Gillespie On 9.03.2006 @ 11:04

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