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If Fitz were fired - wouldn't the people who loved him for screwing Libby have a cow? OR would they turn on him because Fitzmas didn't include Rove?

Comment Posted By Dorothy On 11.10.2008 @ 17:43


I have been reading your blog for a long time. I wanted to say I almost always agree with you 100%. I agree wholeheartedly with this post. Do you ever wonder what will happen if Obama doesn't win? How long can the left go without winning before it triggers something? I correspond with people on FB and I posted a note the other evening while watching speeches from the RNC - All I said was - "I just love Fred Thompson"... I was just responding to Fred the actor/man/speech giver at that moment during his speech. Some of my liberal friends went BONKERs. You see, before that one line comment, I had very carefully avoided any political identity at all. One woman actually said (after BLASTING me for her four year Bush triggered depression) that she still liked me, in spite of my Fred Thompson comment. Really. Facebook can be a scary place for a moderate, much less a conservative. Anyway- I love your stuff and am with you. Like you, I think we are back to square 9/10...

Comment Posted By Dorothy On 11.09.2008 @ 19:55

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