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I just read the post on the previous 24 episode where the rational for not including the casualties from the nuclear attack. I withdraw my previous comment on the level of the casualty figure for the show.

Comment Posted By Doug McConnell On 27.01.2007 @ 16:14

1) I think the casualty figure for the show is a little low. There was
a nuclear detonation this episode, after all. I believe the President
was given 12,000 as an initial estimate.

2) Regarding the identity of Jack's brother, I also like the unexpected
twist. However, as soon as I saw him, I got a rather disappointing
vision of where the show might me heading. I have a feeling that due to
the result of the elections, Fox has lost any spine it might have had
and has joined Hollywood's full court press to drive the DNC message to
the population. That message being the "politics of fear" meme. I get
the feeling this whole season will grind out the message that fear of
Middle Eastern terrorists is misplaced, that the REAL enemy behind all the terrorism is some SOB American white guy (ie, Jack's brother or maybe even his father). There is also the double whammy of the SOB American white guy being a member of Jack's family.

Comment Posted By Doug McConnell On 24.01.2007 @ 00:51

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