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It's SOP for the party whose POTUS candiadte wins to proclaim that the other party is done-for. The Dems were finished in '04, but here they are, back again. I think maybe the GOP still has a future, Jesus-Landers or not.

Comment Posted By Doug Purdie On 21.11.2008 @ 12:36


So you are vindicated and proven correct because Richard Lugar and more and more Republicans agree with you? I thought the truth was absolute and not subject to a majority's definition.

I won't curse or insult you. I'll just disagree. Who is right and who is wrong is yet to be determined.

Comment Posted By Doug Purdie On 26.06.2007 @ 11:36


Mine passed only six years ago. Like you though, I am still seeking his approval: "Did you see what I just did? Isn't it just the way you taught me? Does it make you proud of me? I am teaching your grandchildren the exact same thing!" And I don't even believe in heaven. Isn't that crazy?

I dream of passed love ones as though they are still alive and that brings me mild suprise - "Grandma, I thought you died?", but I accept the absurd idea almost immediately. "Oh, OK. You're alive now"

Last year I dreampt such a dream about my father for the first time. The only thing I remember about it now were how damn-awfull good his hugs felt. Those hugs that I crave so much now are the same hugs that I used to try and escape as a child.

Comment Posted By Doug Purdie On 18.06.2007 @ 11:09


I think the consequences of this leak are overblown. The Mad Mullahs are mad, but they're not stupid. I had assumed the US was already using covert means to undermine the Iranian government. If the Mullahs did not already assume the same, then they were stupid. This news is old news.

Comment Posted By Doug Purdie On 23.05.2007 @ 09:58


"If you believe there is no hope of winning in Iraq, or that the costs of victory there are not worth it, then you should be for complete withdrawal as soon as possible."

Joe Leiberman

You are no longer the only one making that point. Kudos to Mr. Leiberman. If only he had put more emphasis on that point and if he had only made the point with a more adversarial tone...

Comment Posted By Doug Purdie On 27.04.2007 @ 12:41


Reid seems to think that leaving American soldiers on the battlefield to fight and die in a batlle they can't win, for another 6 months is A-OK. If he said we can't win and called for immediate withdrawel, fine. I disagree, but at least his proposed solution would be consistant with his view of the problem. Instead, he is saying let's let the soldiers struggle and die for another 6 months before we bring them home.

Instead of harping on his defeatism, we should harp on his lack of concern for dying American soldiers. He's giving us Hawks an openning, but nobody except you seems to recognize how best to exploit it.

Comment Posted By Doug Purdie On 26.04.2007 @ 12:53


Thanks Rick for clarifying the fact that one can both believe in good and evil without believing in God, the Devil, Heaven or Hell. Since your blog reaches a wider audience, more people will gain a true understanding of atheists like us.

Comment Posted By Doug Purdie On 19.04.2007 @ 11:22


So, because I didn't mention the reverse situation, I "...make it sound like it never happens in reverse and taht there aren’t too many in power who assume the best of white people, the the worst of minorities…particularly Blacks and Middle Easterners"

I re-read my post and did not see that I wrote anything like what Tim in Raleigh attributed to me. You have to admire Tim's mind reading powers. Would that I could determine a stranger's thoughts based on what the stranger did not say.

Whoops, almost forgot to mention that indeed, the reverse does happen too often, and the negative consequences in those cases are just as devastating. Sorry Tim, I didn't say so earlier. It's just that this article is about the Duke rape case and I was simply heeding Mr. Moran's plea to stay on topic.

Comment Posted By Doug Purdie On 13.04.2007 @ 16:37

I disagree. This story points out a wide spread problem - that too many officials in authority are more than ready to assume the worst of privelidged white males and the best of under-privelidged black females.

Racial/Gender/Class prejudices run rampant! Both the District Attourney and many of the Duke Faculty assumed the accusor was truthful and that the accused were guilty based only on their skin color, gender and financial circumstances.

In this case, the three victims will, as you predict, probably profit from their misfortune. The justice system worked for them, but it could just as easily not worked and it could just as easily not work for future victims in similar circumstances. Would it have turned out this well for middle-class white male defendants? The negative consequences of the system not working would be devastating for them (I say "them", but it could be me or you or us).

Comment Posted By Doug Purdie On 13.04.2007 @ 12:18


It's Pakistan not Saudi Arabia. Of course, the show doesn't actually name the country except to say Fayed's country, but that's what it is. As you said, the internal government officials supporting terrorists, the tenous hold that government has on its power, all indicate either Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. The clincher is their Ambassador looks more Hindi than he does Arab.

Comment Posted By Doug Purdie On 11.04.2007 @ 11:25

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