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The Arizona Republic published the NY Times version today - 10/11/06: "Study: Violence has killed 600,000 Iraqis", by Sabrina Tavernase and Donald G. McNeil. The last paragraph reads, "The U.S. military has disputed death figures provided by the Iragi government, saying that they are far higher than the actual number of deaths from the insurgency and sectarian violence, in part because they include natural deaths and deaths from ordinary crime."

The "study" covers the period from March, 2003 to July, 2006 or about 1200 days. So what they're trying to get us to believe is there's been an average of 500 violent deaths per day over this 1200 day period.

Today's Republic obit pages show that Maricopa county had between 60 and 70 deaths. Maricopa county has a population of 3.8 million people, Iraq has a population of around 26.8 million or 7 times Maricopa county. Do the math. If there's an average of 60 deaths per day in Maricopa county, 7 times that is 420 Iraqi deaths per day from natural causes, assuming the same death rates per equal population. That leaves an average of 80 deaths per day that could be attributed to violence, or 96,000 over the 1200 day period. But the natural cause death rate is probably quite a bit higher, so the correct number of violent deaths is probably down around the 30,000 the U.S. Military claims.

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