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Also I noticed ALL the black callers on the general discussion part of the war were bashing the Jewish people and blame us for this. We now know that most blacks in our country back terrorists over Jewish right to exist and follow Farakahn.

So much for Jewish involvement in the Civil Rights movement that led to a spiralling downward of American society at the expense of the European white majority. Talk about ingrates, eh Drewsmom?

Comment Posted By EC On 16.07.2006 @ 11:54


Much kudos go to Mark J and his clear vision of the problem, and it is not simply the illegality of immigration. It is maintaining a homogenous or relatively homogenous country in order for it to stand a chance of survival in the coming millenia.

I resent commenters like svenghouli, who immediately trot out the racist or Aryan canard when any white person decides to DEFEND himself and his country. When did it become a crime against humanity for whites to want and dare I say demand the same rights given to all other ethnies or races? Sorry folks, however that no longer washes with me. Maybe svenghouli can enlighten us on why India allows no non-Indians to immigrate into the country? Why there was nearly major civil unrest when Sonja Gandhi was elected as PM, though had to relinquish it due to said threat of violence. For those unaware, Sonja Gandhi is an Italian women married to the late Rajiv Gandhi and who completely assimilated into Indian culture since arriving in 1968.

Maybe svenghouli can clarify why there is civil unrest and potential for a civil war in Fiji, where the native Fijians have become fed up with the practices and behaviour of Indians that came to the island in the mid 1800s? I wonder if the Fijians are tired of hearing that they too "do not have the same work ethic" as the industrious Indians, like svenghouli.

Comment Posted By EC On 6.05.2006 @ 14:34

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