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These reports, and much worse, have been showing up for more than two years in non-American news sites.

Our so-called-liberal-media is always among the last to deviate from the approved line and about the last to know if it doesn't comes from a Washington source.

As an example, well before the war using London and Canadian sites it was possible to determine that Iraq had disbanded its nuclear weapons program immediately after Gulf War 1, that it had no biological or chemical weapons programs for the last ten years, and that the links to terrorist groups were being overstated and were extremely ambiguous. Even now the reports of the leaders of the US WMD searchers when they said WMDs were not carried out of the country were relegated to the back inside pages.

The first recovery step when you realize that you have been misinformed should be to broaden your information sources.

Yes, there are much more terrible cases of abuse out there and they are fairly widespread.

Here is a recent one: For two and a half years US authorities moved Benyam Mohammed around a series of prisons in Pakistan, Morocco and Afghanistan, before he was sent to Guantánamo Bay in September last year.

In an statement given to his newly appointed lawyer, Mohammed has
given an account of how he was tortured for more than two years after
being questioned by US and British officials who he believes were from
the FBI and MI6. As well as being beaten and subjected to loud music for long periods, he claims his genitals were sliced with scalpels.

From his diary

They took the scalpel to my right chest. It was only a small cut. Maybe an inch. At first I just screamed ... I was just shocked, I wasn't expecting ... Then they cut my left chest. This time I didn't want to scream because I knew it was coming.

One of them took my penis in his hand and began to make cuts. He did it once, and they stood still for maybe a minute, watching my reaction. I was in agony. They must have done this 20 to 30 times, in maybe two hours. There was blood all over. "I told you I was going to teach you who's the man," [one] eventually said.

Of course, this gets much wider play in the Arab countries particularly - part of our losing campaign to "win hearts and minds" and show we're "spreading the blessings of liberty and democracy."


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