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I'll go ahead and make a liar of myself Rick, as you are being sincere. Has one single blogger in the PJM fold expressed an opinion about Dennis the Peasant? One. Just, and only one?

All I've seen [and yes, I could be wrong (the horror)]. Is an endless parade of attack and destroy of Althouse, Den Beste, Kelly. And some of it quite Vulgar (capital V). It was a fairly large story in this little backwater, that is the right b-sphere. And it was a story that touched upon a very, very wide range of issues.

You were writing about a story, in which you have a personal and financial interest. And what you wrote, to me, left quite a lot to be desired.

I'm gonna have some spirits, I'm gonna power up the hifi, and spin a Richard Pryor platter.

Good Luck in Your Endeavors Sir, Respectfully, Elmo.

Comment Posted By Elmo On 10.12.2005 @ 19:02

Gee Rick, not posting a link to my words .... how refreshing, how original. By your own admission you haven't posted before on the topic. And now you clearly state that not only are you promoting them. Supporting them. But you openly repeat the passe nonsense that circled the toilet over the last few weeks. Criticizing those who criticize, merely because they do so. Day late, booh kooh dollars short.

"unbalanced" that would be a written account of a story or event that has little context, content, historical record, and presents no material in support of the opposing argument.

No one said PJM is telling you what to write, you made your own choice. Used your own words. Employed your own ideas. So calling me a loon in defense of a made up argument?

You were better than that Sir. Much, much better.

Please do not consider that a 'parting shot'. I have other comments that I choose not to make. I will however decline any further participation.

Comment Posted By Elmo On 10.12.2005 @ 13:58


If pins perchance came without heads ..... would would the left dance upon?

Me, I'm not afraid of the left. And I'm not afraid of their affect on policy. Though Dub some days may ask wtf?

He's got the fortitude. He isn't going to quit. And America will not quit on him.

No matter how many carpet crawlers with full toities on the left, are a cryin.

Link is provided as a convenience/courtesy for those who may have the need for communication with liberals.

Comment Posted By Elmo On 7.12.2005 @ 13:29

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