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Agreed - to everything you said. I'm disgusted with American politics - today, Thursday May 28. Tomorrow? Who knows.

It's very scary indeed that so many people out there just want a Democrat in the WH at any cost. At this rate Pee Wee Herman could have been the nominee as long as the message of "Hope and Change" was adopted and funded so vigorously by the Soros cabal.

Comment Posted By Enlightened On 29.05.2008 @ 10:50


Ridiculous. "Boy" describes a male youngster of every color. This is the stupidest hijacking of a word for PC racial purposes I've ever seen.

So I guess if I say that "girl" should never live in the White House I am demeaning Michelle Obama?

Give me a break. This is as stupid as the LAT jackass that thinks "elitism" when referring to Obama means "uppity".

Comment Posted By Enlightened On 17.04.2008 @ 10:47


How many times has the US waterboarded? Say it with me - Three.

And you can sincerely state that the THREE times the US has waterboarded, has affected your conscience so greatly that you believe the only salve is to try members of the Bush administration for war crimes?

And you truly believe that an enemy combatant, that admitted he personally beheaded an innocent American citizen, sans anethesia - (I'm sure Daniel Pearl suffered much less pain than waterboarding) is of such a delicate nature that the USA inflicted such an agonizing pain via waterboarding, yet miraculously he continues to live to this very day - in no pain whatsoever.

My conscience is very clear. An absolute degenerate murderer is devoid of any physical pain, so waterboarding an animal such as KSM is not even close to torture.

My conscience might start to bother me when factual proof by other than unamed "highly placed sources" indicates the US has used waterboarding more than, oh maybe 10000 times.

Comment Posted By Enlightened On 10.04.2008 @ 11:19

Oh grow the hell up rethug - your response is so pre-school predictable. Neener Neener.

I say the next stupid liberal whining about waterboarding gets his head slowly sliced off with a rusted serrated knife - won't be any begging for mercy will there?

Is that so wrong?

Just for everyone's info: Rethug is also a lover of sock puppets. He posted the same comment three times under three different names. Evidently, on his planet they've never heard of "comment moderation."


Comment Posted By Enlightened On 10.04.2008 @ 10:29


Well, we have three morons already scaling the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge in protest - wait till you see it on TV - pretty amazing the lengths sdomeone will go to - they have put many lives in danger by this stunt - someone not paying attention to the road below them may end up crashing - one of them might fall off the cable onto the road or water below...Just another Monday morning in SF.

Nice to know the bridge security is on their game-

Comment Posted By Enlightened On 7.04.2008 @ 13:54


"The good news is that one way or the other, a year from now—Obama or McCain—this humiliating, shameful period in American history, will be at an end"

Oh really? And you think Obama or Hillary's first tasks will be to roll-back executive power?

Well I guess we will just see how soon they get that done.

OTOH - The "torture" debate will never be decided in favor of one side (non-believers) over the other (believers) because as fabulous as we humans are, we cannot predict the future. It is impossible to assume what a prisoner/terrorist is thinking, it is impossible to assume that a certain, more/or less humane technique will work with every terrorist/prisoner every time.

The only solution is to allow EVERY technique imaginable to break a person's will. Start at the least inhumane and end at the most hideously inhumane.If a terrorist chooses that lifestyle, and knows the consequences of capture, they have agreed by proxy to be tortured. There is not, and should never be - empathy for terrorists. They show no empathy for American or coalition soldiers. It does not make America a more shameful country if we choose action over empathy. That is a myth borne by pacifistic surrendercrats that sucked down too much LSD in the 60's in an effort to tune in, and essentially surrendered any resemblence of cognitive thinking.

I daresay reading and deciphering a memo 5 years later, without having been a party to, or in any of the meetings that led up to the drafting of said memo is a great topic for discussion, but nothing more. We weren't there, and we don't know.

Comment Posted By Enlightened On 3.04.2008 @ 11:20


Little Thom -

My crednetials are none of your business. I'm not obligated to answer your "questions".

If you want to continue to call Michael Yon a Blood Libeler, it would behoove you to prove his story wrong with actual facts.

TNR can help you fact-check if neccessary.

Comment Posted By Enlightened On 7.08.2007 @ 17:39

Blood Libel. Michael Yon.

I think I'll just go and savor that for awhile.

Because it ties in so deliciously to the lies that Beauchamp and TNR pimped to an unsupecting public.

Because we all know Al Queda has never harmed a child, and have refuted Michael Yon's story - as have you. With facts of course.

I think I'll go an chew on it for a bit. Somehwere else.

Comment Posted By Enlightened On 7.08.2007 @ 16:47

Thom - Sadly you quite obviously cannot read and comprehend.

That is part and parcel the largest problem of the left.

I'll leave you to your, uh, issues.

Comment Posted By Enlightened On 7.08.2007 @ 16:16

Thom - Nice try - Michael Yon reported what he was told by authorities and offered no opinion as to the veracity.

How you compare that to outright lies told by Beauchamp is indicative of left-think.

PS: There are other reports of baked children. Perhaps there is truth to the legend.

Comment Posted By Enlightened On 7.08.2007 @ 15:58

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