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Mr Moran:

Interesting piece--but you may regret sounding somewhat naive after more facts emerge. Having grown up outside Washington, I know powerful Congressmen almost never resign so quickly without the intervention of their leadership.

I have a prediction. The Republican leadership is looking at scapegoats now, and they will likely throw Rep. Reynolds (R-26th NY) and Rep. Shimkus (R-19th IL) as sacrificial lambs. It may not work. Republicans will be very, very angry about this scandal, much more so than Democrats might be (although to be fair, I'd bet they'd also lash out at a member on their side who did something this aggregious).

I also agree with the earlier post by Longhairedwierdo about why parents chose to avoid exposure when their children are at risk of a second, more damaging media frenzy surrounding sexual abuse (even if only solicited) by someone like a powerful Congressman. Based on what I've read from his sexually explicit text messages, former Rep. Foley is likely to go to jail--and should.

Comment Posted By Eric J. Snyder On 30.09.2006 @ 16:13

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