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Why would either Blagejovich or the Messiah worry about Rezko.

The MSM is a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party and will surely play this down or cover it up completely.

And Illinois becomes ever more strongly Democratic and leftist despite decades of corrupt Democratic machine politics.

And as a New Jersey native, I would know a thing or two about living with corrupt Democratic machines that a stupid electorate keeps voting into power.

Comment Posted By Eric R. On 11.10.2008 @ 17:13


I really hope NBC's ratings fall into the gutter for several reasons:

a) As revenge for their increasingly far-left and anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-Islamist tilt. And they are so totalitarian in that world view that I'm sure they'll find a way to work it into their coverage at every opportunity.

b) Politics aside, their coverage gets worse and worse every time -- more sob stories than Oprah could ever dream of. An hour of their coverage is 25 mintues of commercials, 30 minutes of sappy stories (in NBC's world, forget about publicity if you are an Olympic athlete who did not overcome poverty, cancer, racism, sexism, homophobia or a broken home), and 5 minutes of taped competition whose results you already know.

It's coverage designed for liberl/left women, so no wonder fewer and fewer men watch with each Olympiad.

Comment Posted By Eric R. On 6.08.2008 @ 20:42


These Obama maniacs are like those who made a Messiah of Pierre Trudeau -- the man who turned Canada into a Socialist, anti-American, and effeminate nation.

That country is dead, and beyond being saved, except for maybe parts of Western Canada.

If Obama is elected with a Democratic Congress, he will destroy America the same way, with Socialism, and squelching of dissent via repeal of the Fairness Doctrine and imposition of hate speech laws, backed to the hilt by a lapdog leftwing, media and legal establishment.

If he is not elected, we can expected, race riots and left-wing terrorism, with the MSM blaming it all on evil, gun-totin', bible-thumpin' white racist Americans.

Either way now, we lose.

Comment Posted By Eric R. On 20.04.2008 @ 18:41


"Answer? They’re as dumb as posts and irrational to boot:"

And of course, according to those same elites (like your brother Terry said in the Duke rape case) we're all racist.

Not to mention sexist (misogynistic), homophobic, earth-raping, and elderly-starving.

Comment Posted By Eric R. On 27.05.2007 @ 16:51


Between this post and the one taking Mr. Muir to task for being politically incorrect, I'd say you've either been brainwashed by your radical leftist brother Terry, or he's got the goods on you and threatens to spill them if you don't tow the Marxist line.

Comment Posted By Eric R. On 28.04.2007 @ 19:30


Gee, that PC update of the poem sounds like it could have been written by Terry.

Comment Posted By Eric R. On 18.04.2007 @ 14:07


I have not watched network television shows, apart from very occasional sports (and FNC of course) since Seinfeld went off the air.

Sure, that means I miss "24" and I miss South Park. But they way I look at it, Hollywood is an evil, Marxist, morally debased, anti-American institution with no hope of ever reforming. Thus, even if I watch a "good" show, I am boosting advertising dollars for evil people.

To me it's not even a boycott. These people will not change, so I have written television pretty much out of my life.

Try it, folks. You'll find you won't miss it.

Comment Posted By Eric R. On 17.04.2007 @ 19:01


Perhaps the worst thing about all the political posturing that is to come, is that we will hear even more paranoid psychotic screaming Commie (rhymes with rich) Rosie O'Donnell, who wants to disarm America even as she has armed guards protecting her.

Comment Posted By Eric R. On 16.04.2007 @ 17:06


Mr. Hahn:

You are delusional if you think the Marxists who control our media will EVER reform. They are staunch ideologues and religious fanatics; they may not be willing to sacrifice their lives for their religion (Marxism, leftism, multiculturalism -- whatever you want to call it) but they would sacrifice their jobs and their wealth for it. The network news went from 52 million viewers in 1980 to 22 million now, newspaper circulation is in freefall (with the conservative NY Post being the BIG exception) and to read the leftist media elite discuss this is to read arrogance and cluelessness at its peak. It's either the fault of technology, lack of diversity (in other words, they're not left-wing enough) or just those evil KKK Nazi Rethuglicans who want racist news to digest. They don't get it and never, ever will.

They would rather go out of business than to ever, ever:

a) Give respectful voice to conservatives, and
b) Admit their leftist religion is wrong.

If 9/11 did not wake these people up, nothing will. If anything, they have become even more fanatically left-wing, and even more nasty, intolerant and repressive since then.

If a Democrat is elected to the White House in '08, and they retain control of Congress, you can be sure that the DNC/MSM complex will pass legislation to utterly crush any conservative media in this country -- the Fairness Doctrine, hate speech laws (applied so that only rightists violate them, of course), and other pretexts for withholding FCC licenses to non-left-wing media outlets.

We will become like the EU at best, and like the USSR at worst.

And sad to say Rick, based on his post about the Dukies, your brother Terry will be cheering on all this repression.

Comment Posted By Eric R. On 16.04.2007 @ 10:02

Mr. Moran:

We've been giving you a lot of evidence, you just choose to ignore it. You've chosen blood over belief, that's all.

Again, I'd like to ask you, what would it take on the part of your brother to denounce him?

If he wanted the "Fairness Doctrine" reimposed and conservative media shut down? If here were a 9-11 truther? If he felt that the Iraq war was a Neocon Jewish plot (a lot of his media compatriots already think that)? If he supported Iran's rights to get nukes? If he felt Hamas was a liberation movement? If he felt that Israel deserves to be wiped off the map?

The fact that he works for ABC News would already tell us that he's basically a Marxist (which the Duke posting basically confirmed), his hatred for Bush and Republicans is extremely virulent, fanatic, insatiable, and pathological. If he's a fraction as loony as Rosie O'Donell, some of the above views might not be far behind.

Comment Posted By Eric R. On 15.04.2007 @ 15:57

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