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Being older than many of you that post I remember a comment made in the early 1950's America had a trade surplus a great farm surplus and we sold quality products world wide. One of the business leaders at the time was discussing the farm surplus and the beginning of the government program to take farm land out of production. He said and iI paraphase. We have a farm surplus the communist have a food shortage. This indicates that government does not know how to run a business. The Congress , wheather it is Republican or Democrat, should take a hard look at the regulations and taxes that it has placed upon American business the causes them to be non competitive and outsource production. Notice to Congress "Businessess do not pay taxes, they pass them on to the American buyer making them non competitive."

Comment Posted By Fearless On 16.11.2008 @ 09:27

Let me think about this. I by a car under a GM or Ford lable that is made in Canada, Mexico, China, or South America and I am buying an American car. I by a car made in Montgomery Alabama under a lable owned Hyundi and I am buying a Foreign car. The American worker making an average wage of $50,000 a year or less is expected to bailout a UAW worker whose average wage is $152,000. per year Explain it to me!

Comment Posted By Fearless On 16.11.2008 @ 09:10

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