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When JFK was nominated, Vatican II still hadn't concluded, the pope had been the political ruler of a sizable chunk of Italy in relatively recent history, and Catholic public declarations on political theology had very recently (like, the beginning of the 20th century) called for the submission of all world rulers to the authority of the pope. It was pretty legitimate to ask questions about his religion's impact on his political allegiance.

Just goes to show that some kinds of bigotry never die. Anyone who believes Al Smith or JFK would have put the interests of the church before the interests of the US is a bigot. And at least get your facts straight. Vatican II didn't begin until 1962. And the whole idea that all world rulers should submit to the Pope's diktats went out with the Borgias.

But thanks for proving my point about bigots.


Comment Posted By Fearsome Comrade On 8.04.2009 @ 14:17

Interesting post...but it really does take people inclined toward paranoia to warn us of what's coming. Anyone in 2006 who warned that we were heading toward fiscal meltdown--such as Glenn Beck and Ron Paul--was labeled a crackpot kook. After all, we have experts at the Fed and the SEC! When the Constitution was changed to allow Congress to levy income tax, anyone who wanted to place a cap of 10% was branded a kook. After all, the government would NEVER ask for more than God wanted. Joe McCarthy was and still is regarded as unhinged for believing that Communists had infiltrated the government...of course, we know now that there was a massive Communist infiltration of the government, and that nearly everyone on his famous "list" had Communist connections. People in the UK who suggested Hitler might not be satisfied with just Czechoslovakia were labeled nutcases. We all know how that turned out.

Maybe, in real life, Congress and the Fed really are angling for the power to determine everyone's pay. Who's warning us about that? Oh yeah, the kooks.

I'm not saying you should be uncritical, but sometimes, the paranoiacs are the only ones who see the tsunami coming.

Comment Posted By Fearsome Comrade On 8.04.2009 @ 11:53

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