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As sad as these developments are we are simply seeing old homo sapiens acting as he always does. Perhaps to use PC jargon, "acting out".

This stuff is normal as can be. It is exciting and darned fun to run with your friends, kick up the heels, take whatever you find that tickles your fancy, and do a little "ultraviolence" as Anthony Burgess put it. To kill a few just to watch them die. "Born to be Wild", don't you know.

You say, "And if no one can step forward – the Mayor, the Governor, or even President Bush – and give the residents of New Orleans confidence in the future, people will look to their present circumstances and act accordingly."

I don't know how, seriously, a politician's speachifying will make any diffence. As far as "hope in the future" goes, most of those causing the disruption see the future as what to eat for lunch.

"That way lies madness." you say. Well, I totally disagree. What we are watching is just one aspect of human nature, and really, very likely the default state of humanity.

Perhaps you see all of this as clearly as I do. By your talk I would then be forced to see you as radical pessimist. That is a very bad road to travel, mate. Buck up.

Comment Posted By Flora MacDonald On 31.08.2005 @ 12:59

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