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Howdy, Rick...
This is Gari D. Lewis-Carpio...One of your and Terry's fans from Austin, TX...I will be "clicking in" to hear your "broadcasts"...But, do I have to become a "member" of the Wide Awakes Radio station to listen to your show? I have no problem with that, but just want to know...I have logged in a couple of times, this afternoon, Jul. 3, w/out joining the website, itself, but I think it caused problems with the bandwith? Maybe? I am totally computer illiterate, here...
All My Best to You...
Gari D. Lewis-Carpio
Austin, TX

Comment Posted By Gari D. Lewis-Carpio On 3.07.2006 @ 16:49


Hey there, Rick...Congrats on your new show...It's BEYOND GREAT!
Will be listening in tomorrow morning!

Just to kinda take a break from all the MADNESS in the MIDDLE EAST and elsewhere/EVERYWHERE, here are my choices for the Top Ten Finalists in next week's "Miss Universe 2006" pageant which will be televised next Sunday night, July 23, live from Los Angeles, NBC-TV:

In my "humble opinion", the Top 10 Hottest Contestants are:

10) Miss Namibia
9) Miss Serbia And Montenegro
8) Miss Greece
7) Miss Dominican Republic
6) Miss Puerto Rico
5) Miss Venezuela
4) Miss USA
3) Miss Kazakhstan
2) Miss Philippines

Maybe if you and your readers would like to just "take a break" from all the madness and mayhem, they may want to check out these Beauties...
One can even see pix of each contestant in addition to a brief "getting acquainted" interview/video...Just something different and, hopefully, entertaining to share w/ y'all...So, hope you'll enjoy it!
BTW, do you know if your brother, Terry, over at ABC, can receive or respond to any "Fan Mail" which may be sent, via Email? We'd like to drop Terry a note, just to say "Congrats and Way to Go"! Once again, Rick, we are Really Happy to be listening to your show...Thanks for your inspiration and information, AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, education...
Take it easy
A Big Fan in Austin,
Gari D. Lewis-Carpio
Austin, TX

Comment Posted By Gari D. Lewis-Carpio On 16.07.2006 @ 21:46

...We've, always, sincerely admired Terry's reporting technique and style,
even "way back when" he was the "White House Correspondent" and dating
to his days back on "Court TV". Terry, most certainly, illustrates a fair,
unbiased, yet probing, mannner in his position as
commentator/journalist/correspondent, who, additionally, displays true compassion and sincere interest in the subject matter of his interviews...We are HUGE FANS of ABC News and Nightline, all because of your brother, Terry Moran...Additionally, we have, all, enjoyed reading "Right Wing Nuthouse"...By any chance, does Terry have his own website or will he be scheduling any future speaking engagements in Austin or central Texas?
All of our sincere best to you, Rick, your brother, Terry, and the entire Moran family...
Gari D. Lewis-Carpio & Friends
Terry and Rick Moran Fans in Austin, TX

Comment Posted By Gari D. Lewis-Carpio On 25.06.2006 @ 22:36

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