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Nothing good is going to come of this I fear.

Yes, it exposes the left as the insufferable ingrates they are. But it also how far they are willing to go off the deep end.

When you have an increasingly unhinged radical element, characterized by vitriolic, vulgar rhetoric and a tendency toward advocating violence, the more irrelevant they become, the angrier and more violent they get. And sooner or later someone is going to get hurt.

Comment Posted By GawainsGhost On 31.08.2006 @ 18:08


I'm with you, Mr. Moran. I'm self employed.

That means I have to pay the whole nut. I don't have withholding. I don't have an employer to pay half of my social security. I have to pay 12.4% of my yearly income in social security taxes and then pay income taxes on whatever's left, minus business expenses.

I had to send several thousands of dollars to the IRS this year, and for what? The War on Terror? Enforcing the Border? Providing for the Common Defense? Investing in the Future? Building roads and schools and hospitals?


It all went to fund some idiot scientist's $400,000 grant to study the relationship between bovine flatulance and globing warming.

"I have a PhD. And I'm going to study the factual relationship between bovine flatulance and global warming." (Lifts up a cow's tail and peers into the orrifice with a magnifying glass.) "Hmmmm. Yes, I see . . ."

"MMMOOOOO! Pphhhhtttt!"

"Global warming!"

I got to pay $40,000 a year for ten years to subsidize that?

It is estimated that 33% of every dollar sent to the IRS is wasted, lost or stolen. That translates into several hundred billion dollars every year wasted, lost or stolen.

What grieves me is that out of the money left, they (the government) chose to chain me in indentured servitude and tax my labor to pay some idiot scientist to write a paper on the relationship between cow farts and global warming.

At the fall of Byzantium, when the barbarians were storming the gate and burning the city, where were the elites, the intellectuals? They were locked in their chamber arguing over how many angels could fit on the head of a pin.

Would that our elites were not doing the same today.

Comment Posted By GawainsGhost On 30.08.2006 @ 18:19


I am perfectly aware of who Mr. Moran is speaking to. And I am also perfectly aware of how intelligent his audience is (if they weren't, they wouldn't be reading him). I don't discount their intelligence.

I was merely commenting on how I found Mr. Moran's exasperation with Shaw more humorous than I found Shaw's obvious idiocy.

And I stand by my original post. It only takes one line to completely humiliate a fool.

Comment Posted By GawainsGhost On 26.08.2006 @ 17:31

Ha ha. I don't know which is the more humorous, Mr. Moran. Shaw's pathetic attempt at intellectual coherence, or your bewildered response to it.

There is only one way to respond rationally to irrationality. IGNORE it.

I realize you feel the need to expose how unbelievably ignorant this sad joke passing as a man is, but he's already doing a fine job of that himself.

I'm reminded on an incident on the Academy Awards many years ago. David Niven was presenting an award when this streaker ran naked across the stage behind him. Without missing a beat, Niven looked directly into the camera and said, "What some people won't do to expose their shortcomings." Now that was funny.

So the next time this imbecile mouths off, don't try to analyze his excrutiatingly illogical comments. Just post them and then shred them with a single comment.

It only takes one line to completely humiliate a fool.

Comment Posted By GawainsGhost On 26.08.2006 @ 14:57


I for one care about the money.

That $3 billion could be spent on a lot better things, like, oh I don't know, building a fence along our southern border.

But then there's about as much of a chance of that happening as there is of the money being spent trying to stop genocide in Africa.

Never mind.

Comment Posted By GawainsGhost On 25.08.2006 @ 22:14


I don't know what foie gras is. I've never seen it before in my life, and if I did I probably wouldn't eat it. French food sucks if you ask me. And I'm all for banning it everywhere.

Now goose liver, well I know what that is. But I wouldn't eat it either. I don't eat internal organs. Never have, never will. I'm strictly a Grade A Prime sirloin or ribeye, grilled over an open fire, kind of guy. Center cut pork chops or plump whole chicken, well grilled, works for me too. I like fish on occasion. Red snapper for grilling, talapia, coated in corn meal, for frying.

That's about it. Howbeit, if some city council passed an ordinance stating that I couldn't fire up a stack of charcoal and mesquite wood to grill my meat on, well I have a 12 guage loaded with rock salt that would definitely have something to say about that.

Comment Posted By GawainsGhost On 23.08.2006 @ 09:04


Anyone who does not recognize that the Saudis are a large part of the problem we face is a fool.

Their Wahhabi sect preaches hatred, intolerance and jihad in maddrasas across the world. Does anyone pay attention to what they're teaching in these 'schools'? All funded by petro dollars, I might add.

Granted, they don't pose such an immediate threat as the mullahs in Iran, but ulitmately they must be dealt with. Or this war is going to go on and on into perpetuity.

Our options are very limited. We can either take Lawrence Auster's advice, over on View From the Right, and completely divide Islam and the West, which would require rounding up every Muslim in the West and dumping them in the desert. Or we can take the fight to the terror masters and their sponsors. There are no other options.

Mr. Moran makes some excellent points, but I don't think our choices are to commit or quit. Quitting is not part of the American character.

Comment Posted By GawainsGhost On 21.08.2006 @ 08:02

I agree with the commenters above. Iraq is the strategic staging ground for the inevitable confrontation with Iran.

Personally, I believe Bush has been biding his time, quietly building his forces, waiting until after the midterm elections. I do not think he is going to leave a mess in the Middle East for his successor. I think he is going to wait until the time is right, then the U.S. and Israel are going to strike.

Once Iran is dealt with, as it must be, Iraq will stabilize. Then we can turn our attention to the real problem, Saudi Arabia.

Comment Posted By GawainsGhost On 20.08.2006 @ 14:20


I'm with you, Mr. Moran. I love coffee. Piping hot and very black. But I drink Gevalia coffee, traditional blend, and I subscribe to their limited edition selections. The former is my staple. I probably drink a whole pot every morning when I'm working in my home office and listening to W.A.R. The latter is some of the best coffees I've ever found, but I save it for special occasions.

Incidentally, here is an interesting little bit of history on coffee. Did you know that it was once one of the most valuable spices in the world? But it did not exist anywhere outside of Arabia. In fact, as late as the 1800s the only coffee plant, and there was only one, to be found outside of Arabia was in the Royal Garden in Paris.

One day this guy climbed over the wall of the Royal Garden and cut six shavings off the coffee tree. He then smuggled them to the New World, but only one survived. And from that one shaving came all the coffee plantations in North, Central and South America.

Isn't that fascinating?

Comment Posted By GawainsGhost On 17.08.2006 @ 19:05


Well, the problem is the same as when Clinton nominated Albright. And it's the United States' insistence on showing how progressive we are. We can nominate a female as secretary of state to deal with arabs who view her as a subhuman, because we've progressed so far beyond viewing a female as subhuman and we'll show them.

This is a self-defeating philosophy. When you're dealing with an implaccable enemy who views women as insignificant, you simply cannot send a woman to negotiate with them. First they aren't going to respect her, and second they aren't going to respect you for sending her to negotiate with them in the first place.

It's the failure of political correctness to deal with a politically incorrect adversary. Or the failure of multiculturalism to deal with the real world. Take you pick.

Comment Posted By GawainsGhost On 16.08.2006 @ 22:15

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