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"If, as Cicero wrote, “Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things,” then it is safe to say that the farther away our world moves from 9/11, the more our memories of that day should enrich us and keep us from taking actions that will make another equally devastating terrorist attack more likely."

Cicero did not say that the treasury and guardian were infalible or fool proof security - did he? Memory fades just as the wall of any treasury crumble and the guardian grow old and weak. So we need new guardians to build new defenses, and in order to achieve that we need to give them a wake up call before our memories fade, and before the terrorists give them a wake up call of dire consequences.

All the best,
Glenn B

Comment Posted By Glenn B On 2.09.2007 @ 21:08


My thoughts and hopes are with you for the safety of you and yours, and for the survival of your home.

Best of luck to you,
Glenn B

Comment Posted By Glenn B On 24.08.2007 @ 21:41

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