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"I can’t recall measles being stopped at the pretty tight border at then East Germany. First of all, we don’t even know how exactly this virus spreads; what makes it different from other strains."

"But to believe that closing the border to illegals will have any effect on the spread or even containment of Swine Flu is refuted by the facts. It is estimated that anywhere between 500,000 and one million illegals pour across our border every year. Almost the same number - about 650,000 - enter the US legally every day"

If it follows the typical pattern of other flu viruses it will be spread through airborne droplets and bodily secretions. That means that if people coming from an area where they are less likely to treat it effectively i.e Mexico come to another area i.e The U.S they will spread it among a greater number of the population than if we were to have secure borders and health checks. A secure border cannot stop all disease just as it cannot stop all drug trade. It is absurd however to suggest that effective measures at boarder policing have no role to play in preventing faster spread of the disease.

Rick you cite the figures regarding illegal and legal entry into the U.S. Thats all fine and good when those entering are not infected. What happens when say 1 in 10 are infected? Do you expect the spread of disease to be greater or less in the U.S as every infected person becomes a potential risk for new infections? How many of those who come here illegally and are infected might be less likely to seek treatment because they fear being deported and thus are sick longer and are thus greater factors for spread of the disease?

It makes you neither wise or compassionate to state that a secure border is no factor at all in stopping flu transmission. Viruses may not care about barbed wire or 100,000 soldiers but people do. And without people to carry them abroad it matters not a whit what a virus cares about.

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This entire issue is a sideshow and a distraction. The real issues involve current national policy on the economy and defense. Whether we will be weaked enough both economically and militarily through the absurd policies of the Teleprompter president to be unable to prevent or respond to another attack equal to or greater than 9/11. CJ is a paranoid egomaniac but that isn't really the issue. The issue is will he and GoV and JW and other sensible people continue to highlight the failures of this administration and the growing threat that we all face. We know that the rest of the media will never live up to that task. It may unfortunately take another event such as 9/11 to wake people up and out of silly personal feuds. CJ banned me from LFG. Fine. Let him ban the whole world and pretent that Nazis are hiding in the bushes. Fine. Just so long as he and his supporters continue to get behind reponsible people in our Government again. I will do the same even as I call him the paranoid egomaniac that he is. When the country is secure from our enemies we can work through the details. Without being secure against Jihadists we can never work through the disagreements that civilized peoples will always have.

Comment Posted By Glib Tunafish On 24.04.2009 @ 00:20

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