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>Solar and wind are extremely effective when used properly.

Are they cost effective over the long term and at mass levels? Do they provide the ongoing, immense power needs for this country?

No, and they never will.

Nothing beats nuke for this, and we should have been doing it decades ago (when the same people today screaming about "going green" and "reducing your carbon footprint" were the same ones protesting the use of nuclear power for energy).

Smaller, individual uses of solar power (for home energy/heating, etc.)?

Fine. Don't try to force everyone in the nation use it - they'll do it if they want to.

Comment Posted By Good Lt. On 21.04.2009 @ 10:38

I think the right needs to take some cues from the founder of Greenpeace, who left the organization after it was essentially hijacked by political radicals who perverted and warped its original message and mission. He once (in an interview on Penn and Teller's Bullsh*t) said that preserving the environment is a good thing - we can all agree on that - but that sacrificing productivity and commercial exchange of the goods and services that we need is not advisable and that we need to focus on finding solutions that are as environmentally sound as possible without infringing on the ability to produce goods and services that make our modern society work.

Easier said than done, but a worthy pursuit. I'm on board with "going green," but not as a matter of political or government dogma or in terms of a new legislated-into-existance industry that is essentially bankrolled and subsidized by the taxpayer.

Want clean energy? Here's the answer: Nuke plants. Clean, efficient, limitless power, and technology that's available NOW. What's the hold-up (other than price)? Why are we wasting time and public money on inefficient, expensive, ineffective wind, ethanol and solar power (and various others)?

The conservation of nature is a good thing, and those who would argue with this are a little strange. At the same time, over-regulation of industry and commerce in blind adherence to iron-clad government laws out of some nebulous devotion to "the great mother Gaia" and is not beneficial to a productive society or its employment when it is practiced as a matter of rigid political dogma.

However, there is middle ground on this issue, and to cede it entirely to the left wing of the Democrat party is indeed politically and practically stupid.

But then again, much of what the GOP has become during the latter years of the Bush Administration is politically and practically stupid, so I guess this isn't news.

Here's hoping.

Comment Posted By Good Lt. On 21.04.2009 @ 09:14

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