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I'm a depressed lefty. I would never want to see Bush and our government fail at the cost of lives, including the mess in Iraq (Yes, some things are going right, but many more are going wrong because he listened to those that told him what he wanted to hear and he placed unqualified political hacks in key positions of responsibility in the CPA.) As far as FEMA, Brown is only one of many unqualified hacks in charge. This tragedy overwhelmed everyone. The locals were unprepared. Nagin has admitted to not doing enough. Ebbert saying on Monday, "Everybody who had a way or wanted to get out of the way of this storm was able to. For some that didn’t, it was their last night on this earth." shows his ignorance of the difficulty some had who wanted to get out but couldn't.
As far as Bush admitting a mistake as past presidents have, it'll never happen. He's mediocre. Mediocre people lack the character. People of history, like Reagan and Kennedy, are truly extraordinary.
On the eve of D-Day, Eisenhower had 2 press releases. If the invasion failed, one press release said he alone was to blame. If the invasion succeeded, the other press release gave credit to the troops. Does anyone here believe Bush has the character to do something like that?

Comment Posted By Greg Jones On 9.09.2005 @ 20:20


Great job on the timeline. I've been reading the TP, agree they'll get a Pulitzer.
Bend, OR

Comment Posted By Greg Jones On 9.09.2005 @ 19:40

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