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I am refreshed and hopeful when reading your articles describing the ingredients used and involved by the anti-foie gras activism : political opportunism, class warfare, anthropomorphism, neglect to multiculturalism, veganism agenda, the activists and politicians megalomania, self-righteousness, hatred, ignorance, contempt, deception, coercion, bigotry, fanaticism, misinformation and media manipulation (propaganda), bullying, frivolous lawsuits, legislation, terrorism, name it, I could go on but this is enough to get the "taste" of their actions, strategies and tactics that my family, employees and I have personally been subject to since 2003.
Those who have the chance to read your articles will understand that this is about working towards a meatless society, just a stepping stone in a slippery slope.

The duck is just the pretext for the scandal: If the ducks were mistreated they would never produce the foie gras and superior meat they do. These ducks have the best environment and living conditions in the whole spectrum of animal agriculture. It is in our best business interest to provide them with everything they need to be comfortable.
The anatomy of waterfowl is totally adaptable to the traditional practices of foie gras production. This is not rocket science, it is taking advantage of Nature's built in mechanisms; no different than a wild cow capacity to produce milk. Obviously, the genetically selected domestic cow will produce many times more than the wild one... well, the same for the duck!

The anti-foie gras activists, politicians and organizations should rather pick and commit to human welfare issues to make sense of their "call" for meaning on earth and making a difference. There are many out there in this complex and difficult times presenting real challenges, needing big money, plenty of gray matter, time and political savvy to be dealt with.

I truly thank the courageous chefs and citizens of Chicago for standing firm on behalf of our Constitutional Freedoms and thank you for being a rational voice.

Guillermo Gonzalez
President / Founder
Sonoma Foie Gras

Comment Posted By Guillermo Gonzalez On 24.08.2006 @ 06:23

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