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Can't really decide which is more hilarious, all the whining here about Bush's negative poll numbers, or Moran's absurd assertion that Sistani is actually working towards bringing multicultural democracy to Iraq.

Can we take a vote?

Comment Posted By Harlan James On 14.12.2005 @ 17:49

Of course the Iraqis are hopeful. They're about to elect the Shi'ite fundamentalist theocracy they've always wanted, allowing them align their country with the spiritual brethren in Tehran.

That we have sent 2,100 of our finest young men and women to die in order to empower the likes of Grand Ayatollah Ali al Sistani is a disgrace this country will need decades to live down. A strategic blunder of historic proportion.

Meanwhile, here in the US, George W. Bush's media offensive known as Operation Enduring Bullshit has pretty much run into the ground. The latest Zogby Poll shows Bush's approval # falling back into the 30s, while new Gallup findings show that 58% of Americans say Bush has no real Iraq victory plan, with 59% disapproving of the disastrous mess he's made of things over there.

Comment Posted By Harlan James On 13.12.2005 @ 19:57


Andrew: As I said, "...a country with no government or military." What would you like me to call Iraq, a bran muffin?

Words have meaning, Andrew. put down the woodblocks and check out a dictionary some day.

Besides, didn't Donald Rumsfeld warn you about the use of the word "insurgency?"

Comment Posted By Harlan James On 30.11.2005 @ 19:30

Q) How do you lose a war to a country with no real government or military?

A) Put George W. Bush in charge.

Comment Posted By Harlan James On 30.11.2005 @ 15:38


Given what we've seen as far as an explosion in both the size of our government and the amount of debt piled up these last 5 years, the continuing loyalty of so-called conservatives for George W. Bush has to be a bit of a mystery.

I've begun to suspect that many on the left have become quite content to see conservatism and the 2nd Bush so closely linked. No amount of style propaganda could do the kind of harm to the overall philosophy of conservatism as the person currently serving as its posterboy.

Comment Posted By Harlan James On 23.11.2005 @ 12:45

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