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While I can agree that Juan Cole is definitely off on the pope's speech, I would highly reccommend that anyone wanting to know about true Islam get a koran and read it. Once you have finnished reading it, you will see the "outrage" of the Muslim community when someone calls them out as nothing but the horde getting worked up by thier leadership. I would reccommend Penguin books version with the Arabic next to the English.
This idea of Islam as being "hijacked" by radicals is a either a decpetion and piece pf propaganda from Saudi Arabia and the Council on Islamic Affairs, or the excuse for not knowing Islam by what it's holy book teaches. Get out your shinny new koran and read past the often quoted "There shall be no complusion in religion". (surah 2:256) Get into the meat of the koran and you won't find "Love thy neighbor." You end up finding as your read further into the koran more reasons and excuses to harm and harrangue the infidel. Most Muslims (like Christians and Jews) to not know thier true religious roots and teachings but tend to go with what the person in the pulpit says. The terrorists on the other hand take their religion (albeit a pagan one with a Nazi like system) very serriously. All we are seeing are the Muslims following thier manual/koran.

Comment Posted By Hazeysmazey On 19.09.2006 @ 01:32

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