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This is reminiscent of a French scandal where a politician in the Chirac administration got caught in some dalliance.

While the French are typically more relaxed about this sort of thing, when asked if Chirac sacked the hapless pol because of his actions the reply was "No, I fired him because he got caught."

If Spitzer can't handle an affair (even with a call girl) without getting nailed, he has no business handling the affairs of State.

What an idiot.

Comment Posted By HoundOfDoom On 12.03.2008 @ 17:06



I guess party trumps all, huh?

"We constantly complain about spineless politicians. And then when a couple of them stand up for what they truly believe, our first move is to rev up a primary opponent for him?"

Yes. Exactly. I don't care if the bastard has an R after his name. If I don't agree with him on a major issue, then I'll support someone who does.

"Either we trust the judgement and heartfelt beliefs of our politicians or we encourage them to be as calculating in their votes as we hypocritically criticize them for."

If I was a pol, this would be a get out of jail card for me. I elect a representative to represent ME. Not to get an attack of 'beliefs' which, convienently, coincide with the way the winds are blowing in DC. And no, I don't trust their judgement.

I don't prostitute myself for pols that happen to have an 'R' after their name. Neither should you.

Comment Posted By HoundOfDoom On 21.02.2007 @ 12:12

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