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If Islam is a religion, or a philosophy, an ideology, or some other kind of belief system, what are its demonstrated beliefs vis-a-vis nonMuslims?

Obviously, as demonstrated by 99+% of Muslims, it condones or colludes with the murderous, hatemongering jihadists who insist on the subjugation, coerced conversion, or death of nonMuslims. This collusion is adequately shown by the lack of forceful, continuous, large-scale protests against the barbaric behavior that is anti-Christian, anti-Buddhist, anti-Jew, anti-Hindu, anti-women, anti-Gay, anti-nonjihadist/nonSalafist Muslims, anti-atheist, and anti-animist, by the 99+% of Muslim spectators. Whether due to fear of retaliation against them by the jihadists, or because they favor the attitudes and acts of the jihadists, these 99+% of 'peaceful' Muslims are giving aid and comfort to bestial, murderous jihadists and like-minded fundamentalists.
What is there in this present REAL-WORLD Islam for us to respect? How is this 99+% Muslim-accepted jihadism, or more clearly, xenocidia, different in performance from Nazism and Stalinism and Maoism which slaughtered 60 million to 100 million innocents?
Hitler described his plans for democide in Mein Kampf and his many speeches. The Koran/Hadith/Sharia, as practiced nowadays, and as preached by Muslim clerics, describes and prescribes the attitudes and practices to be put into effect against the infidel, subhuman, nonMuslim (nonMuslim = those who do not follow the jihadist/Salafist murderous interpretation of the Muslim scriptures).
We now how cowardly WE are; we don't realize how ignorant and stupid WE are!

Comment Posted By Howard Nelson On 5.02.2006 @ 20:35

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