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One more thought. Check it out bloggers. Spread the word!!

Toledo, Ohio's WTOL11 reported February 25, 2008, that cousins Khaleel Ahmed and Zubair Ahmed and the three men from Toledo "accused of plotting to kill troops overseas begins in federal court" on March 4, 2008. Coincidentally—or not—March 4 is the date of the Ohio primary. It is also the day after jury selection begins in Chicago for indicted political fixer—and Obama patron—Antoin "Tony" Rezko's fraud trial.
Last April, two pleaded "not guilty" to the plot. Cousins Khaleel and Zubair Ahmed say they didn't do it, though federal agents say the group researched explosives and trained with snipers, surveillance equipment and suicide bomb vests.

U.S. prosecutors say they have one man saying on tape that he wanted to go back overseas and that, "This time if we die, we die."

The trial is expected to take three to four months, after which a local jury will decide if these men are guilty of terror and, therefore, spend the rest of their lives behind bars.
What are the odds of a presidential candidate being connected to two separate federal trials starting within 24 hours of each other that focus on two such improbable political campaign contributors all from Chicago?

And, to all appearances, there has been zip-zero-nada from the Obama campaign about this.

Comment Posted By Illinois Insider On 26.02.2008 @ 02:07

Brilliant!! I know Illinois. Royko was brilliant and his words are universal in Illinois. Thank god we have Wyatt Earp (aka Patrick Fitzgerald) in here to clean house.
There is lots of smoke here and the Tribune and the Sun-Times are poking around, looking for the fire. If there is anything there, i will be hard to ignore. The Trib or the ST are not the NYT or the Post (all though I respect them more), but front page blockbuster headlines will be hard to ignore. They both have committed at least 4 reporters to the various aspects of the story. Eight reporters on one gigantic story! They smell a Pulitzer!
As for Rezko, there is more. Check out this rather obsessive look at the man. Check out some of the names this guy is associated with.

Also, Obama's name came up in connection with an FBI mole, who recorded "several visits" to Rezko's office by Gov. Blagojevich and Obama and reportedly witnessed Rezko hand a fist full of cash to a Blago aid.,CST-NWS-mole10.article

I think the Obama land deal was a loan from Rezko to Obama, to be paid back over the years or never paid off at all, with Rezko subsidizing the property taxes. That explains why Obama paid 1/6 of the price of the lot, and not the $44,000 his appraiser put the piece of the lot at. Additionally, buying the 10 foot strip made the footprint of the lot too small to develop based on zoning and landmark restrictions, significantly raising the property, aesthetic, and security value. I believe this is known as mortgage fraud!

One more ting. Most of these stories that are appearing in the Trib and the Sun-Times (pre-trial) were leaked from Fitz or the FBI. Fitz is well known for NOT tolerating leaks, so these stories had his okay. When Rezko was indicted, it was a few weeks before the gubernatorial election of Blagojevich. Prior to the indictment, several stories began appearing, on an almost weekly basis, preparing people for the background on the charges. Sound familiar? Fitzgerald does not give a high hoot who you are or what you are running for. If you are crooked, he will out you if he has the goods.

I would not be comfortable if I was Obama. In fact, I would b downright terrified, which explains his campaigns near hour delay in commenting to the Sun-Times about today's news of the strong possibility of Obama's name coming up in trial. How? Who knows? But Fitzgerald is savvy, uber-prepared, and unpredictable.

And did I mention that when the Tribune first got the Rezko lot story back in '06, Fitzgerald pleaded with the editors to not publish the story.
Obama has since only talked to the Sun-Times (and oddly, Bloomberg News) regarding the details of the purchase, refusing to talk to the Tribune reporters who broke the story and are fluent in the details of the transaction.

This will bring Obama down and I couldn’t be happier if it shined the national spotlight on the filth, waste, and corruption that is Illinois, Chicago, and Cook county politics.

Comment Posted By Illinois Insider On 26.02.2008 @ 01:48

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