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"Why is the first thing that comes to your mind the proposed candidates race? When I see those names, I think of their politics and positions and ideas on the issues that are important to me and not their skincolor, which isn’t important to me at all.

If the first thing that comes to your mind is someones skin color, then maybe you ARE a racist. Or maybe just a bigot."

I believe that the first thing that came to my mind was how to make an analogous comparison where the roles in contention (black candidate vs. white candidate) were reversed. I then picked hypothetical candidates that met those "qualifications" to demonstrate the point that it is not about race at all.

I think my question to you, Sgt Ted, is are you some kind of facist? By your logic, misapplied to my post though it was, the first thing that comes to your mind is rank, evidenced by your nom de guerre. Military rank to be specific. It doesn't take many rhetorical twists to make that lead straight to Heinlein-quality facism.

Words are fun. They can be twisted to do all kinds of thing. But he who lives by the sword, etc...

Comment Posted By Immolate On 4.08.2008 @ 14:13


Perhaps I'm missing something, but let me ask you a question.

If the Republican candidate was Condoleezza Rice and the Democratic candidate was Madeleine Albright, who would you vote for?

If your answer would be Condie, then you can safely (and neatly) put to bed any racial undertones in your opposition to Obama.

Sadly, the qualifiers that you'd feel obligated to attach to your answer to that question would no-doubt be reminiscent of conversations you've already had with regard to John McCain.

If that doesn't do it for you, what if the Democrat's candidate was Clarence Thomas, ignoring the glaring impossibility of that situation, and the Republican candidate was John McCain?

Frankly, I'm something of a racist myself. All other things being equal, I'd prefer a black candidate for the Republican nominee. Whether that's residual white guilt or a perfectly normal American need to root for the underdog, I don't know. I'm sure someone who doesn't know me at all will be happy to explain it to me.

Comment Posted By Immolate On 4.08.2008 @ 11:49


In response to mkultra, I've read much more compelling arguments from people in the legal profession who don't ask us to accept their assertions without question, who recognize their own bias when discussing their legal analysis, and who try to use the merits of their argument rather than their pedigree to advance their position. While I expect that our grasp of legal issues is far superior to my meager understanding, I can always rely on others who are qualified to refute you. Thank God for Powerline eh?

Btw, I'm not sure how useful criminal defense experience is in evaluating constitutional issues regarding executive authority, but at least you get to learn cool latin phrases like "mea culpa" that can prove very handy in life.

Comment Posted By Immolate On 7.02.2006 @ 13:34

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