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[...] Asked whether or not there were any major intelligence lapses in light of the fact that it took two years to find weapons that were right in our backyard, the president insisted that his intelligence had been good, but conceded that “Thanks to the excellent work by Ms. Coutler, we have known that Vermont housed a large number of hostile forces, but the truth is that we may not have investigated this possibility as aggressively as we could have. I want to stress however, that it it is impossible to investigate every possibility. There are known knowns and unknown knowns and known unknows or something like that. Anyway, you can’t know everything.” The president refused to elaborate, but analysts said that despite intensive training by evil, crazy bitch utter nutcase well-known commentator Ann Coulter, author of “How to Talk to a Liberal”, the administration and the intelligence services did not have enough analysts and translators capable of speaking liberal. Therefore intelligence coverage of Vermont has been lacking since roughly 2000. [...]

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