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Ms. Parker's article adds nothing to the debate. While McCain is no conservative, she is. The only thing about Gov Palin that wears thin is her accent which sounds eerily like Francis McDormand in the movie Fargo.
She is not polished---but to tell the truth, I'm sick of polish. I'm sick of the know-it-all nitwits masquerading "leaders". The good people of Alaska must have thought her "qualified", and by all accounts she was effective.
The cacophony against Gov Palin is bad enough when coming from the left. If we want to elect The Anointed One, let's keep reading from their prayer book, otherwise observations of the tenor of Ms. Parkers' are counterproductive to what counts---namely, winning----which be impossible if McCain replaces her.

Comment Posted By J Scott On 26.09.2008 @ 14:52


This will be a gimmick if McCain just "goes along with the tide". Boehner has indicated there is no deal. Shelby (a true believer) was replaced by Bennett on the GOP side of the negotiations. I've got a suspicion that McCain, Mcconnell, and Boehner are going to insist reduction/elimination of some of the federal "causes" of the crisis. If McCain shave one nickel off this MOAB, he'll serve himself and the country well.

Comment Posted By J Scott On 25.09.2008 @ 14:50

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