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The problem here is that the idea that the Bush administration had advance warning is so much more plausible than the idea that they were taken completely by surprise.

Some of the conspracy theories are obviously wrong. Get a wholer lot of people making things up and that happens. Like the idea that what hit the Pentagon wasn't an airliner.

But some of it, the truth is hard to believe. Like, the WTC building 7 collapsed just like the others, but later, when it didn't get hit at all. Conspiracy theorists believe that all three buildings were mined with explosives so they'd fall down, and building 7 didn't get hit as planned, and they had the choice of knocking it down anyway or leaving the explosives there to be found. But really what happened was that Giuliano had a special emergency headquarters in building 7, and to make sure he'd have power in an emergency they had a whole lot of generator fuel right there. Utterly against fire regulations. And during the confusion of 9/11 the fuel somehow got lit and that made the building collapse. The truth is more unbelievable than the fiction.

It just does not make sense that the Bush administration was clueless. They'd have to be utterly incompetent....

Well, maybe it does make sense after all. But compared to the truth, some of the conspiracy theories are more plausible.

Comment Posted By J Thomas On 18.05.2006 @ 08:16

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