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Rick...I went back and read all the posts....most of them don't even have anything to to with the "topic of the day" mine included. But if half of the posts are what they are.. they sound like they have been sad. But it appears that your site is a place to vent. It's like Mau Mauing the Flack in there and keep stirring the s...t. It's good for everybody that cares.

Comment Posted By J Winstead...old fart On 2.06.2007 @ 21:48 what? what? what? All the above don't mean anything if you surround yourself with morons that don't do their homework. Where does George come up with these supposed experts? Go figure? No matter, George screwed up again and he has to go home and face his Mother as one of the worst persidents ever (I'm sure Barbara is thrilled with his continuing sucess at winning hearts and minds, let alone his standings in the polls. Kinda like recognition bad for Florida Bush son for president) Time will solve the mystery of his leadership..but I don't envy he would rather go to Iraq instead of back to Texas where Mom is waiting.

Comment Posted By J Winstead...old fart On 2.06.2007 @ 02:18


Hey Rick....Takes alot of guts to change one's opionion. Your not "cowardly". As you say the "threads of logic" ain't there. When one thinks they have been "mislead" and begins to relaize the noble cause they supported was and still is run by a bunch of you jump over the cliff with all the rest of the true believers? Don't be ridiculous...your a libertine. Hang in there...

Comment Posted By J Winstead...old fart On 16.05.2007 @ 00:01


I think your point is a good one...many people today don't read or find out the facts about what they think they believe...because in many cases the facts do not verefy what they think may be true, be they conservative or stupid liberials. Thus, they don't want to hear the facts. So how do opposite opinions reconcile what is fact or incorrect when both sides think the other is stupid? I would think a common ground based on definitions of "words", both sides can not manipulate, would be a start.
As an might say their advocation is a "Libertine" blogger when ,perhaps, they really mean "Libertarian". So...whats the difference? Well...alot. A "Libertine" (accourding to Webster) is "a dissolute or licentious person" in other words a "pervert"...whereas a "Libertarian" is one who advocates maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state". Stuff
happens...but, if one sets themself up to be an expert at certain matters, they really ought to know the definition of what they claim to be...or what it is. Perhaps if thinking people, conservative and liberal alike (contrary to popular belief...both do exist) paid more attention to the above , there would be less invective and
more solutions to those problems that vex us all today.


Comment Posted By J Winstead...old fart On 29.08.2006 @ 18:25


Hey Rick...I read your "About Me" and as far as I'm concerned your cool (and this is fun and gives one the ability to have a intellegent political discourse)....however you might want to change Libertine to Libertarian....since Libertarian is a "person that advocates maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state"...whereas..Libertine means "a dessolute or licentious person (a pervert)". Now I dont really think your are I'll make you a deal, I won't bash you if you don't bash me (nowdays, I guess it's dish). So..about me..61 yrs old...grew up in Virginia and Florida...a southern a BA in history, political science and georgraphy at the University of Colarado in the ....oh my..the turbulent 60s. Went to Vietnam as a Repubilcan (voted for Richard)....came back as nothing. Got my BS and MS in marine sciences at the University of West Florida years ago...spent the last 25 years working for the EPA as a research retired. So thats me...I dont really care what party is in long as they comport themselves in a responsible and intellegent manner. we dance or do we not?

Comment Posted By J Winstead...old fart On 23.08.2006 @ 20:05


Hey old libertine bubba...where are you?

Comment Posted By J Winstead...old fart On 24.08.2006 @ 01:04

Cant tell you's a secret....but I bet Carl Rove or Louis Libby could.

Comment Posted By J Winstead...old fart On 23.08.2006 @ 13:25

I got on this website by mistake....I was looking for a certain type of grocery....however, after reading the commentary and the comments...especially those sticking up for the integrety of this administration concerning the privacy of the American you guys really believe that Carl Rove won't abuse it..well I have a bridge to sell you..but it looks like you have already bought it..that means we are in big trouble...poor me. Well, as the song by Borodn goes (like he was a famous dude under the Czar of Russia in the 1850s....far be it for me to make your brains hurt)..."Fly away on gentle swiftly, songs of greet our homeland. Where once we lived in hope and knew no sorrow, where once we sang rejoycing in our freedom. There beneath the ardent sky languid breezes cooled us. There the cloud-capped mountains dream.....above the murmuring sea". Oh man...whats wrong with you guys? Enough of this...back to the grocery website.

Comment Posted By J Winstead...old fart On 23.08.2006 @ 01:26

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