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Bin Laden contradicts Zarqawi, who said recently the war will only end with the entire world is under Sharia. There is no concept of truce in this statement. These two guys should get together somewhere, public I hope, and resolve their differences!

Meanwhile, I believe Bush is the one talking about reducing troop levels, along with many others. bin Laden noted in an earlier pronouncement that US budget deficits signal to the world that we're not able to sustain long-term conflict; if you're serious as a blogger, you need to show balance here and critique Bush2 for borrowing the entire cost of this war and all homeland security measures, giving bin Laden factual material for his tirades. Bush2 was indeed afraid to ask voters for a financial sacrifice lest his razor-thin margin of victory be cut. This is the first war we've ever fought with tax cuts and funds borrowed from a Communist country (China). Why are Republicans today afraid to say "The war is consuming 10% of the Federal Budget; therefore, all federal taxes are 1.1 times higher than they were before. If you don't like it, vote me out of office." Meanwhile, my unborn grandchildren will be paying the debt for this war when new challenges we can't even imagine will face them in 20 or 30 years. Why can't we pay our own way?

Comment Posted By J2 On 19.01.2006 @ 17:22

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