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And another thing: quite literally the last time I was here you were saying something David-Brooks-stupid, months ago. I come back, and the very first thing I read is Kathleen-Parker-stupid.

I think I shall not read this column again soon.

Comment Posted By Jaibones On 8.04.2009 @ 11:50

It was Obama who exploited this backlash by promising to govern based on not what divides us but by what unites us. His “post partisan” message - a campaign gimmick we know now - resonated powerfully with the center who had tired of the back biting and poisonous partisan atmosphere in Washington and longed for “change.” ________________________________________________________________________

Well, Rick, it's statements like this that earn you diminished credibility and readership. Guys like me have been pointing this out since day one of the Obama propaganda campaign, people who live in the Illinois that couldn't have given a shit what Obama said or did literally up to the moment that his sponsors at the Chicago Tribune removed his GOP Senate opponent from the race. Up until then, no one had ever heard of him; he was a non-entity.

Well swishes like you "may know now" but conservatives with functioning brains knew it then. Who gives a crap what Beck talks about? He's not running for office. You'd do well to ask Eric Cantor and 84 other House "Republicans" wtf they're doing voting to tax a handful of private citizens at 90% in order to steal their personal income - because it offends them.

Focus on the problem, not some clown on tv. The problem is that middle of the road voters see zero difference between a segment of the GOP and the sickening, socialist Democrats. That, my friend, is a fucking problem worth writing about, not your Dad's copy of the Communist Manifesto.

Comment Posted By Jaibones On 8.04.2009 @ 10:38


"But something much simpler is at work, something that makes any attack on Obama by McCain using his radical associations as a backdrop to question his judgement an exercise in futility.

"The voters don’t care."

Don't be ridiculous. Some of the voters need a better explanation, and some of them, for reasons of race or ideology, have no problem with domestic terrorists, to be sure.

But to suggest that this issue, which tells the ignorant voter more about Obama than his handlers and the MSM division of the campaign has otherwise allowed, means nothing to the swing voter and to conservative Democrats is just wrong.

It needs to be explained more clearly.

Comment Posted By Jaibones On 7.10.2008 @ 12:19


Dude, your web site's all screwed up. Can't read it through the Nokia ads, etc.

Comment Posted By Jaibones On 6.09.2007 @ 19:04

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