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Look at it this way, Rick. If Rove's tactics have the political relevance you claim they do, why is it this week's ARG and Zogby Polls show Bush's approval numbers at 42% and 44% respectively? Numbers that only confirm the previous week's Gallup and Ipsos numbers?

Bush is tanking, and the howls of Rove et al are not signs of people operating from a position of political strength.

Comment Posted By James Carney On 25.06.2005 @ 08:30

Weak, Rick.

Comment Posted By James Carney On 25.06.2005 @ 08:03

More proof that the right is grasping at straws. As is obvious to all except the most ideologically deranged, the country has turned against Bush and his enablers, and the recent colorful attempts by the likes of Rove and Cheney to somehow regain the support they once had truly smack of desperation. Their internal polling must be revealing some truly awful things for them to be making such incindiery comments at a time of relatively little political consequence.

Of course, and something that must be the source of some happiness to the editors of places such as this, that Rove et al have begun to use the language of reactionary blogs and USENET posters does indicate just how influential the cyber underground has become for those deep in the White House bunker. But unfortunately for Bush's handlers and those who have profited from the corruption that is at the heart of this loathesome regime, the political benefits just are not there. Rather it is a confirmation of everything the country has learned to dislike about this administration. The Bushies can wrap themselves up in self-proclaimed patriotism all they want, but when all they have to back it up is a record of disastrous incompetence coupled with flat-out dishonesty, it really doesn't matter very much.

Comment Posted By James Carney On 25.06.2005 @ 08:01

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