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P.S - Forgot to mention... nice blog! Great writing style! Keep up the great work!


Comment Posted By James Jordan On 3.10.2009 @ 15:38

I'm not sure I see the correlation between the failure of N-Obama to get the Olympics in his dear Chi-town and the failure of America. I believe that these Olympic Committee folks saw through the fact that all N-Obama wanted was the pat on the back he would have gotten here in America for getting the Olympics. Not to mention the audacity of a sitting American president to actually think that his mere presence would sway people who more than likely hate America anyway!

I don't see this as a failure for America. Just another nail in the political coffin of a man who believes his press clippings! This feeling that if a American president fails America fails is wrong. Carter failed miserably! America came out of that better for it. Just like we will when N-Obama is voted out! Come on 2012!

N-Obama needs to come down out of the clouds and learn to govern the country he claims to love so much. (Still not so sure how his wife feels about America though).

God blass America!


Comment Posted By James Jordan On 3.10.2009 @ 15:37

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