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If JFK had lived, Bobby Baker and Billie Sol Estes would have taken LBJ down with them, and Hoover would have been forced to retire in 1965. Speculating about JFK surviving an assassination attempt makes the what-if scenario so endless, it's impossible to speculate.

I personally think Kennedy would have sought the middle ground in Vietnam as he did in Laos (trying to broker a coalition) and Cuba (using the quarantine rather than invade) and Berlin (accepting the construction of the wall). All of those things would not have hurt JFK in 1964. They were all too far away for Americans to care about and Cuba although close was lost during a Republican administration.

Kennedy even after losing Vietnam could make the point that Americans were still free even if others around the world were not and that there was therefore hope for freedom for all the world not just for the Americans. If someone says, yeh, that's in spite of Kennedy, so be it. The problems Kennedy was dealing with existed before him, during him, and after him, as is the case for any President whether liberal or conservative.

Comment Posted By Jeff Cody On 13.11.2005 @ 01:03

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