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You prove my point. You've never had an original thought in your life.

Comment Posted By Jeff Zeller On 10.09.2007 @ 10:51

The Left has increasingly become a bizarre mutation of what liberals used to be in the days of Acheson, Stevenson, John Kennedy and Henry Jackson. Today, the Left is dominated by voracious idealogues who incessantly spout their secular religious orthodoxy and demand strict obeyance to all its tenets. They truly consider everyone who does not share their firm and unalterable beliefs to be more than mere infidels or apostates. Instead, anyone outside of the Sacred Group Think is considered to be a non-person, with nothing worthy of consideration and no rights. Like the radical Islam it so closely identifies itself with, it seeks to convert through fear of isolation (dhimmitude) or the sword of terrorism. The Left is now a Lubiyanka death cult with a large dose of Gaia Sauce that vainly tries to hide the odor.

Comment Posted By Jeff Zeller On 8.09.2007 @ 16:32

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